March 2023 Monthly Round-Up

Another month, another bunch of painted models. March was a month where I managed to focus on a few things, paint-wise.

Firstly, I got the first batch of models painted for the new/current edition of HeroQuest – the relatively simple Zombies and Mummies. I guess I should look at the skellingtons next for that next step in the Undead models from that game.

What with the month also having the Monster March painting challenge attached to it, I also used it as a motivation to get some of the larger models that have been stuck on my desk for an age done – in the form of the Beholder, Spider, Drider and Ratabomination!

The challenge of the month also helped motivate me to get the mass of Chaos Hounds I rediscovered in a case to completion, and just to help me stay motivated to keep on ticking along on some of these Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations – though there’s still a ton more of them on my desk in various stages of paint…

I only got one more Death May Die hero done, which is less than I’d hoped to – I like to get at least a pair of hero models for games we like to play done each month. So more of these to come in April, and I really do need to double back around to the Zombicide 1st Edition survivors as well.

Three more Crisis Protocol models. I’d like to get to the point of finishing (at least) one of these each week. We’ll see how well that goes. I did at least get down to one model left from that core set to go… and he’s proving to be a right pain in the arse!

And that’s the lot! As far as the 49 completed by the end of February, so to those I’ll add:

15 Chaos Hounds, 12 HeroQuest mobs, the Giant Spider, Drider & Not-Beholder, 4 Abominations, Sgt.Braghieri, Cap and the two Doc Ocks for a total of ….38 Models in March. So I’m up to 87 in total. At the time of posting, we’re on the 7th of April and I only have three models completed this month. Time to get the lead(-free paint) out over the Easter Weekend break!

22 thoughts on “March 2023 Monthly Round-Up

  1. That was a great month of painting mate, and your total for the year is looking very healthy, especially with the size of some of the models last month. There was also a nice diversity to the models painted over the month.

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      • Well, if you need a palette cleanser, it’s always an option. Failing that, they might consider a Tank to be a “Monster”, especially if Roger or Dave S is running it again this year…


  2. There is a nice amount of variety across all of these minis, mate! A little Warhammer, a little MCP, a little CDMD. You may not have planned it but they make for a great looking group.

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  3. Excellent result for both quantity and quality of your paintjob! Since our soft point is fantasy, well represented here, we can’t choose between the (not)Beholder and the Ratabomination as March’s favorite miniature… How do we do it? Have them fight each other to the death and whoever survives claims the title? 😉

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    • Thank you! I’ve got the pieces for a chain link fence somewhere (I’ve been looking for them for months now actually) so one day I’ll be able to construct a steel cage for their death match – just not yet!
      I’ve got a trio of Fantasy models that you might enjoy done for April so far – hoping to get a second trio done so depending on the when/if of my productivity there could be a post in the next few days with the first three or a post later on with all six…


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