A Mystery Dwarf Slayer…


Dwarf Slayer

I’ve had this particular metal model for quite a few years. Picked up amongst a baggie of second-hand plastic dwarf models back in the day, it’s a slightly confounding model that I’ve never quite been able to place. On the surface it looks like any other Citadel Dwarf Slayer, right? Thge thing is, it’s base tab was blank. Doesn’t mean all that much by itself, though most of us from the metal age would know how that’s quite unusual to not even see a “GW1995” or whatever on the tab. Oh, and I haven’t been able to place him in any of the series of Slayer models that I’ve looked at.

Dwarf Slayer

From the back he looks reasonably normal as well. Pretty standard “flat” pose, typical of the 90’s and 2000’s metal production. Typical “roided-up, muscular baby” GW dwarf proportions.

Dwarf Slayer

The side view is where it’s much more interesting. Look at the details of the mohawk and also the earring. That’s not usual sculpted hair. It looks to me like the model was made for a much simpler 2-part mold as the whole thing has been designed to remove the undercuts that you get with a silicone mold. Maybe a hard mould? Is the model a prototype of some sort? A recast? Metal recast of a plastic model? (of this quality? Seems an …odd choice) Or from one of the many third parties that make not-models of various types for not-Warhammer?

If you know from whence this model came, dear reader, please do let me know in the comments. It’d be good to put a final lid on this model. He took this long to finish painting for a reason, and it’s because the odd (lack of) details on him were rather uninspiring, so thanks to “The Tray” for being the thing to finally motivate me to get him done and out of here!

24 thoughts on “A Mystery Dwarf Slayer…

  1. I have that same model in plastic. I painted him in 2015, Being plastic, there’s nothing printed on the slotta base – I pulled it apart to check. Some searching this morning suggests he’s a Dragon Slayer from “Talisman – City of Adventure”. (3rd ed)

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    • Thank you muchly, Detective Tarmor! Much appreciated. Now I wonder if it’s a legit model of some sort or a recast of the plastic. Who would bother doing that, though…?


  2. I can’t shed any light on where he came from but he is quite a characterful little sculpt. I do miss the Slayers and dwarves in Warhammer. I hope the Old World thing GW has been teasing brings back minis like this. Great work on this little guy!

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    • I think they’ll have to return – as such a unique part of the WHFB lore they’d have to, right? My AoS Fyerslayers are going to be an interesting project when I get to painting them. That’s for sure..

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      • I am hoping so. GW has teased some Kislev stuff so far but I would hope that old school elves and dwarves will be part of that. The Fyreslayers have some pretty decent sculpts so I will look forward to that. The sea elves and the new elves are where AOS is not doing so well. Neither one of those were very cool in my opinion and a major letdown compared to the elves of old.


  3. Haven’t seen that one before but my guess was it might have been Battlemasters or Talisman, it looks almost right but not quite, somehow…–good to see someone solved it anyway. Great paintjob too 🙂

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