Conan Kickstarter’s “Vanir Valkyrie” (aka Not-Red Sonja)

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

Today I have another model from the Conan Kickstarter. Well, the first one, not the current one that’s in the midst of a Pledge Manager clusterfuck. This model is of a character called “Valkyrie”, which implies the Arnie film version of Valeria, except, well the art seems to imply otherwise.

Because, you know, Valkyrie.

Kickstarter Text: A feisty warrior who is in NO WAY RELATED TO ANY CHARACTER YOU MAY KNOW is a character that can be used as both a Hero and an overlord minion!

However, Paolo Parente’s box artwork, seems to indicate someone else. Someone a bit more specific. I’d make a dumb joke about how I’m not sure who, but I already kinda gave it away with the heading. Not that you’d much help to guess who based on the art.

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

Like oh-so-many of my models, she was started a decent little while ago. Realistically, it would have been right after I finished the last roughly-human-sized Conan model, since I have a habit of starting a new model that relates to a thing right after finishing one. Which just means I end up with tons of half-painted models, hence my whole Neglected Model drive for the moment. I didn’t realise what was wrong with her leg until I was attempting to complete her a few days ago, when I figured out that she was missing a scabbard for a dagger on her thigh. So, basically, I got a dodgy model and didn’t notice until now. Not much I could do about that, so I went looking in my old bits boxes and found a 1/35 modern military sheathed combat knife and glued it on there, and then painted it up appropriately.

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

This model was pretty disappointing in terms of details – it’s basically only a half-steb above the original Bones models in terms of soft, chewing-gum detail. I mean, it’s fine as a boardgame piece, but it’s not what I’d consider a high quality miniature. Look at that awful fur and how soft the cloak is – not to mention her soft-looking NERF cosplay sword! Yeah, this wasn’t a model I wanted to spend extra time getting realistic looking fur. I just wanted to get her done and outta here. I also went with Contrast for the backs of her loincloths. Got them done, and good enough for this model.

Conan Kickstarter. Vanir Valkyrie, Red Sonja

Speaking of cosplay, I went against the box art for her front loincloth and combat bikini top, going with gold instead of fur. If you’re doing the chanmail bikini thing, you may as well go all the way, right? Anyway, she’s done and if I ever get around to playing Conan, she’ll see some tabletop time. Or if we ever need a fantasy chainmail bikini chick for anything else, I guess…

33 thoughts on “Conan Kickstarter’s “Vanir Valkyrie” (aka Not-Red Sonja)

      • I hear you,, no doubt. I’m nowhere as prolific as you, so I probably have enough Romans,, Gauls,,, Carthaginians,, Continentals,, Redcoats, colonial Militiamen, Hessians and zombies to keep me going until I can get out and loot the game store. Priorities, you know…

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  1. She came out well and good job knocking this one out. The details are soft which definitely takes away some of the appeal of the sculpt and you’re right to call out the sword. Its rough! You did an excellent job with her hair which gives this lass a lot of personality 🙂

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  2. It’s funny that you mentioned the missing scabbard, it’s happened to me that it’s only when viewing the photos I have taken that I realise I have failed to paint some parts of left something of a figure 😳🤔😅

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  3. Despite my aversion to capes flapping around all over the place I did think she looked pretty good, until I saw the Hasslefree version you linked to above that is… Still, you’ve done a fine job of her all the same.

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  4. I have to say I like her – the scale of the sword is much more realistic than the one of the axe you shared so maybe that’s my 1980’s non hero scale bias? Still, I always admire your painting and this model is still something to be proud of Az

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    • I’ll give you that for sure, but even with that in mind the differences in every other aspect of the models gives it to the Hasslefree. 🙂
      She’s done though, and she’s fine if I need a chainmail bikini wearer… 😉

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