WizKids WK73535 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Carrion Crawler (D&D Monster Manual 65) (Monster MAYhem ’21)

WizKids WK73535 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Carrion Crawler

I didn’t manage to get anything complete yesterday, but I did get lot of movement on a bunch of models – and this evening I’ve been getting some of them over the line – so now I’ve got a small backlog of May models to get posted up over the next couple of days. The first one of these is another of my Nolzur’s D&D models – the Carrion Crawler. Once again this one is for the Monster MAYhem painting challenge.

WizKids WK73535 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Carrion Crawler

As with a lot of these monsters, it’s a pretty simple paintjob on a model that’s not exactly overflowing with fine details. D&D’s Carrion Crawlers appear to be some form of giant maggot-creature, and so painting it with maggoty colours seemed appropriate. I did give it a little bit of diffentiation with the underbelly, and went with prismatic paint for fly-eyes rather than the black beady ones this time.

WizKids WK73535 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Carrion Crawler

I did heat the model up to pry it off its warped PVC base in order to glue it down to a plastic 50mm round base from Reaper. Often I’ll glue these Nolzurs-or-Reaper PVC model bases down to a real base, but given how warped (and uninteresting) this one was I just went with disposal instead.  Aside from rare D&D gaming, I can use this thing in almost-as-rare 40k gaming alongside models like Reaper’s Giant Maggots or their Carrion Worms (I wonder what they’re supposed to proxy?) in either a Nurgle or Undead force.

30 thoughts on “WizKids WK73535 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures Carrion Crawler (D&D Monster Manual 65) (Monster MAYhem ’21)

  1. The maggot colour work great on this model! I am really liking how you have been giving these models a paint job that goes over and above what the casting has provided you to work with.

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      • Haha – yeah, best not to think about it too much! To save your imagination from running too wild – in real life I’m an ecologist and for my sins I’ve done a fair bit of lab work looking down a microscope at hideous maggots. Maybe not something anyone has hoped to grow up to do but it’s paid the bills.

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      • Ah yes, you’ve mentioned that before at some point. Maybe not the funnest part of the job I understand, but I have to assume that very few of our jobs are all-fun, all-the-time!


    • Thanks Matt – I’m not really a D&D guy so I sometimes go with “official” colours but just as often (or more) I just go with how I “see” the unpainted model looking…


  2. I’ve got/seen green carrion crawlers, but the maggot colours are much much better! I’ve been thinking of getting a few of that figure in the Nozlurs range, and I might repaint the figure I have to match yours!

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    • I suppose if you have a few of them you could always keep the tones varied to tell them apart if needed. They seem like a nasty critter to have to fight in groups, given the size of this thing!


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