Orktober 2017 #2: Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork Mekaniak (440206 – April 1989)

Rogue Trader Kev Adams Space Ork Mekaniak Mekboy April 1989

What? Dreadtober? Yeah, I’m working on that, too. Just clearing some stuff off the paint desk first, though.. This particular Ork happens to be the very first Ork Mekboy. Known initially at the time as a “Mekaniak” “Mek Boy” and “Mekboy”, he came included in a kit with the first Wartrak and a field gun, also known around the same time as a “Hop Splat Gun”. When I sold off most of my Orks back in the day, this fellow was one of the figures that I kept, along with the pair of gretchin slaves that go with him. (I need to dig them out and paint them up!)

Rogue Trader Kev Adams Space Ork Mekaniak Mekboy April 1989

This particular Ork was originally painted back in the day, stripped, and then stored in various boxes and cases for the next few decades. As with his companion that I shared here the other day, he’s finally out and painted to a standard that I’m happy with – and he’ll be joining the WAAAGH at some stage as well. While it’s certainly true that he’s pretty basic by the standards of modern Mekboys, I’ll have a good look through the Index (or maybe Codex, if it comes out this year – fingers crossed) and see if there’s a suitable spot for him. The whip makes him a potential Runtherd, though I think I’m well covered for that spot, at least for the time being.

Rogue Trader Kev Adams Space Ork Mekaniak Mekboy April 1989

Once again, bare metal, earth tones and camo are what make up the colours of his gear. His ammo pouches seem to be modelled after the FG-42 pouches and webbing, right down to the Y-harness – which makes a lot of sense I guess, as Orks from the originals through to part of second edition weren’t shy about taking inspiration for some of their elements from German sources. (Stormboys obviously being the most egregious example.)

Rogue Trader Kev Adams Space Ork Mekaniak Mekboy April 1989

Regardless, I always really liked this sculpt and even to this day I still love it. There’s just something so impassive and at the same time brutal and threatening about it. Not a figure that needs to be overblown to impart a sense of menace.

14 thoughts on “Orktober 2017 #2: Rogue Trader-era Kev Adams Space Ork Mekaniak (440206 – April 1989)

  1. He’s looking great, I like the natural colours and the cracked earth base. Together with his runts and gun he’s also part of my Blood Axe force, which every model with a spiked steel helmet was automatically enlisted for.

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    • Thank you. I kinda wish I still had the gun (and Wartrak) but the three of him and his grots models are the important figures of the set. I can always sub in another gun (and I guess I’ll have to!)
      I’ll have to do some not-pickelhaubes myself when I get further into my Orks using the plastic helmets and spare chaos spikes. Thanks for the idea!


    • Thanks D&B. The original series’ of models had a lot more freedom to them, so while there are some definite misses, you get some really interesting hits as well.


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