Shadows of Brimstone: Goliaths (Monster MAYhem ’21)

Shadows of Brimstone: Goliaths

For my penultimate post of miniatures I finished in May for the  Monster MAYhem painting challenge at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging, I present you with a couple more garbage-tier Shadows of Brimstone models, completed last night on the 31st of May. The City of the Ancients core set only comes with one of these, but they did provide a freebie extra of many of the models as part of the KS bonuses, so I’ve painted both here. I painted one in greens for some strong contrast with the pinks of the tentacles, and the other with a kind of elephant-inspired grey, which also contrasts nicely with the pinks. I do find myself complaining a lot about these SOB miniatures (read that how you will!) and all I have to say on these two is that I gave them more effort than they deserve – and now they’re both done and good enough for a boardgame. Any further effort on my part would have been literally stealing work time from far better and more deserving models!

These took forever to assemble, due to large horrible gaps, and cheap & nasty sculpts. So yeah – good enough to bung down on a tabletop for a boardgame. A shame since this is supposed to be the centrepiece baddie model from that particular boardgame box, but whaddaya gonna do? Now I can move onto better models. 🙂

Tomorrow: A far, far better model that’s also my Monster MAYhem finale!

10 thoughts on “Shadows of Brimstone: Goliaths (Monster MAYhem ’21)

  1. These look like they’re lifted straight from B.P.R.D. if you know that comic series at all. Truthfully, the sculpting still leaves a lot to be desired on these and Mantic’s Hellboy models have to be better. Great job persisting with an annoying set of models!


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