WizKids WK73395 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures T-Rex (D&D Monster Manual 66) & Monster MAYhem ’21 Wrap-Up

WizKids WK73395 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex

And today, my final Monster MAYhem miniature – the T-Rex from Nolzur’s D&D range. As with yesterday’s Goliaths, I also completed this model on Monday night (31st May), and, I mean, it’s pretty obvious which of those models I needed to finish the challenge with to go out on a proper high note!

WizKids WK73395 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex

It’s a pretty nice model, really. I picked it up last December after eyeing it for about 6 months, because – just look at it for AU$25! Of course, with no specific reason to get it painted, it just kinda sat around until Monster March where it got moved to under the painting desk, but sadly I didn’t make it that far, and now Monster MAYhem that got me to take it out of the packaging, and get the sucker painted.

WizKids WK73395 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex

Since I wanted to get this one done, the other dinos I worked on this month essentually being the warm-up and practise models for several techniques that I applied on this big boy. From blends on the scaly skin through to the embedded weathering-powder dirt. I mean, it’s still a pretty simple model overall and the textures across it do a lot of the work of painting, but it’s still a nice sculpt, especially for the price.

I’ve still got another… close to a dozen additional monsters in the works that would have qualified for this past month’s challenge, and so even though they missed the deadline, I’m sure I’ll slowly work my way through them to completion. Still – a pretty decent outcome for Monster MAYhem. I noticed that with this challenge, the models I completed fell into three broad categories: Dinosaurs, D&D Monsters and Shadows of Brimstone Monsters. I guess technically, the T-Rex is a D&D model, and we all know Reaper just makes D&D Proxies, so it’s also kinda two categories I suppose. All good either way though. Now I just need to figure out where to store them all…

I’ve been snowed under from work since the latest lockdown so I haven’t been keeping up with the blogosphere properly over the last week… I wonder has Dave’s Season of Scenery started yet?

28 thoughts on “WizKids WK73395 D&D Nolzurs Marvelous Miniatures T-Rex (D&D Monster Manual 66) & Monster MAYhem ’21 Wrap-Up

  1. Wonderful work on the T-Rex mate, great tones throughout, and a very impressive output for the month as well, you and Matt really left the rest of us behind !
    The Season of Scenery starts on the 1 st of July mate and I will be posting up details towards the end of the month

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    • Thanks Dave – appreciate it. Now I need to figure out where to put the T-Rex (and all these Brimstone models as well). 🙂
      Looking forward to the season. I’ve got a decent amount of stuff I’ll be using it to motivate completion of… 😀

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    • Thanks Ann! I added the striations on the tongue with the brush since it looked a bit.. plain – and trying to paint on a rough texture just wasn’t reading from in there (it just looked messy!)

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  2. Great work on the T-Rex, Azazel; the latest and last in a frankly staggering output for Monster May(hem)! Sorry I couldn’t keep up with the comments, but you were so damn prolific all month that you were too fast for me! Just looking at that final photo with all your submissions, I’m in awe.
    Thanks so much for participating and for really embracing the challenge. Hope you’ll return next year!

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    • Thanks mate and no worries. I’m very much looking forward to next year’s monster months – really useful motivation for getting started on new models as well as finishing off the ones that languish!


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  5. That dino looks very realistic and full of life to me! The scales look great on it but I also like all the rocks and grass on the base. Great job on this mini and it should be very fun to plop down on the tabletop in future gaming 🙂

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    • Thanks Kuribo – the model had some soft rocks moulded onto the integral base, and so I felt the best thing to do was to “hide” them with much better rocks, some built up ground and add in a lot more of the ground foliage. Advantage of such a large base on the model, I guess!

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