15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers #4 & Platoon Command – Battlefront Miniatures

15mm Flames of War DAK Afrika Korps Status Markers, Platoon Command - Battlefront Miniatures

Thanks to the motivation (and limited choice) provided by “The Tray” (don’t worry, I’ll shut up about it eventually) I managed to get enough focus to sit down for an evening and complete these long-neglected models from my Flames of War DAK force.

15mm Flames of War DAK Afrika Korps Status Markers - Battlefront Miniatures

The first set of models on show are my final four status markers – these ones are to represent the troops being “dug in”. I didn’t have tiny little sandbags, and ultimately felt that a pile of sand in front of them would represent it well enough without going all 15mm diorama on a 25mm base. Rather nicely, that concludes that little side project.

15mm Flames of War DAK Afrika Korps Platoon Command - Battlefront Miniatures

The other four bases represent the Command and Light Support stands for my second and third platoons of Panzergrenadiers. They’re not that exciting without their platoons, of course – and those are in a right state still. But I figure I’ll add a few of them to the next Tray and use that to work my way through them. Because painting these little bastards might not be that hard, but since I made the boneheaded decision years ago to paint them in “more realistic” rag-tag campaign clothing, with different shades of jackets and pants to represent resupply, scavenged Commonwealth equipment and so forth. I mean, I decided on this after reading some accounts of and from the time, but I guess it goes to show that inspiration isn’t always the best thing for productivity…

21 thoughts on “15mm Flames of War DAK Status Markers #4 & Platoon Command – Battlefront Miniatures

    • Thanks Pete. It does look good when I look at them. I guess it’s a balance thing of how good they look versus how long they’ve taken to get done even to this state. The next FoW armies I paint will be much more uniform in their …uniforms!

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    • Cheers, TIM. The plan at present usinmg these trays to get stuff done will be to have a nice variety of stuff on them, as I’m not exactly focusing on a specific army or force right now so much as trying to get stuff done!

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your FoW updates. Everything you paint looks really cool and I can only imagine what a finished army or a battle report would look like with what you have painted. These new little guys look great and I love the basing. It is very realistic and brings the setting to life!

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    • Thanks Kuribo. I think the sand is a bit out of scale, but then it does look like rough arid ground at least. I’ll try and get a few more stands onto the next tray and hopefully get another platoon completed.

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  2. Those look great! I know a lot of non-hobbyists would say the same thing about 28mm scale but it always impresses me to see really well painted models at that scale. I’m sure once you get into the swing of it it’s not that tricky but as someone who’s never worked at such a small scale there’s something particularly impressive about seeing it done well.

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