Sector Mechanicus #5: Alchomite Stack Machinery

Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack Machinery

Another piece of Sector Mechanicus Scenery today – another piece of the Alchomite Stack kit that I’ve previously built some pieces from. Though, honestly a lot of my early kits from these ranges are just a pile of sprues and bits in a box at this point! (and GW keeps recycling them into new “kits” such as the rest of the range, Kill Team and so on…

Anyway, this one was built some time ago – at the same time as the three completed ones linked above (and also the same time as the two more I haven’t started working on besides a prime and coat of silver spray!) So it’s been sitting in the shed for well over a year, pretty much ignored. On the heels of the Thermic Plasma Conduits (aka, PIPES) I finished the other day, I decided to work on this alongside the second set. So I could, y’know, link the pipes to some actual machinery. With that in mind, I’m going to wait until I’ve got a bit more assembled and painted and finished before doing another tabletop layout type pic of them.

Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack Machinery

I didn’t use the “crackle paint” method on this one that I did on the previous ones; instead trying a couple of new(ish) things with stippling, foam and thinned paint for much of the weathering. That’s the cool thing about industrial terrain – you can vary your methods and as long as it looks good, it doesn’t need to be entirely consistent from piece to piece since rust and industrial decay have many forms in the real world. And yes, it’s another piece for (and plug for) Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge!

26 thoughts on “Sector Mechanicus #5: Alchomite Stack Machinery

  1. Looks cracking! I really want to get my scenery painted but struggle to get them looking like i want.

    I really love the rust patches and the damaged panels look great! I love weathering!

    I also don’t want to put in loads of effort i’m considering getting them commission painted by someone else.

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    • Thanks mate! I find that some terrain makes good stuff to do as mental downtime when you’re painting something more important, and other stuff works well as something to do when you just don’t have the mental capacity to conentrate on the finer stuff. I mean, the finest detail on this thing was doing some rust streaks (and maybe the dials)!

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    • Thanks Mut. Eventually I should have a good little section of most of the standard industrial colours so I’ll be able to mix them for that non-conformist look or section them into different parts of the plant. 🙂


    • I didn’t, but that’s not a bad idea at all. When the shops reopen I need to get some more fishing weights for paint agitators. I might get a few larger ones and embed them inside some DAS clay at the bottom.


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