June 2020: Personal Painting Wrap-Up.

June was a busy painting month for me. Largely due to the implementaion of “The Tray” and allowing myself to override The Tray with models for the D&D board games Marouda and I have been playing, which has inflated my total painting with a lot of what I’ll generously call variable quality models, many of which have been very fast to paint. So many in fact that the total for the month was 56 models. Now before anyone gets too excited about that, remember quite a few of them are quite simple boardgame models, and so as long as they look good (or even just decent) on the tabletop, they’re good enough but still count numerically the same as the gigantic Mudgullet or the Legion of the Damned Librarian covered in freehand.

Anyway, enough of all that. 26 (I think) painted in April, 46 models in May and 56 in June. So that brings me to 128 models completed in those three months since I started painting again. I’ve just shown a couple of July’s models so far due to painting challenges that needed them shown ASAP (the Aquila and Mossbeard), so now it’s onto showing what I’ve been painting in the last almost-two weeks, starting tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy more pictures of June’s stuff.