June 2020: Personal Painting Wrap-Up.

June was a busy painting month for me. Largely due to the implementaion of “The Tray” and allowing myself to override The Tray with models for the D&D board games Marouda and I have been playing, which has inflated my total painting with a lot of what I’ll generously call variable quality models, many of which have been very fast to paint. So many in fact that the total for the month was 56 models. Now before anyone gets too excited about that, remember quite a few of them are quite simple boardgame models, and so as long as they look good (or even just decent) on the tabletop, they’re good enough but still count numerically the same as the gigantic Mudgullet or the Legion of the Damned Librarian covered in freehand.

Anyway, enough of all that. 26 (I think) painted in April, 46 models in May and 56 in June. So that brings me to 128 models completed in those three months since I started painting again. I’ve just shown a couple of July’s models so far due to painting challenges that needed them shown ASAP (the Aquila and Mossbeard), so now it’s onto showing what I’ve been painting in the last almost-two weeks, starting tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy more pictures of June’s stuff.

26 thoughts on “June 2020: Personal Painting Wrap-Up.

  1. Excellent progress, well done you! 🙂 I’ve decided Mudgullet is my favourite (95% due to the paint job and the mini itself, 5% ’cause I think it’s a great name for that mini – by that logic, it was difficult to decide on whether Goremaw was going to be the winner, but I like the Mudgullet mini more I think! I’ll keep quiet now!

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    • Thanks John! It’s a pretty cool model, though almost completely unweildy and near-unplayable due to it being not only huge but a heavy chunk of PVC. I have to say the same is also true for Goremaw and that big bloody Treeman that I have to take pics of this weekend!

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  2. 128 models in 3 months is outstanding, I’ve managed 79 in twice as long. Very impressive seeing them all together like that, hopefully soon work will get a bit less manic and I’ll be able to sit down with a cuppa and read through all the posts I’ve missed 🙂

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    • Thanks Wudugast! I know my July total is going to be pretty big due to all of the scatter and little terrain bits in it. Of course, my work schedule has been massively disrupted by COVID over the last more-than-a-month with 2 sets of self-isolation week in there, and a bunch of other things, so I’ve not had much to do besides paint and play Assasin’s Creed. And just a bit of remote work – as I haven’t been allowed to do all that much of it…

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  3. Funnily enough 128 models is my working maximum for a tray. Even if I could fit more on, I view that as the ceiling, to try and avoid getting distracted by something else before I get through the tray.

    It’s a nice collection you have there, I think my favourite is the mutant toad tentacle thingy.

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    • Thanks Dave – I managed to more-than-fill my Tray for the first round, but I had a lot less than 128 on it and even then I felt it was too many for me. I still have the final three models awaiting completion and in a kind of hold pattern while I work on terrain and scenery.

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      • Yes scenery and terrain pieces are things I have found hard to integrate into a ‘tray’ system. You can spend ages on a piece that would dominate a tray, and as Gimli would say, it still only counts as one.


    • Thanks Roger. if there’s only one good thing from 2020 it’ll be that I painted a lot of models. Not nearly enough to balance out all of the shit, but it’s pretty much all that’s in my power to do…


    • Thanks mate – the tray was doing well until the last few difficult models. We’ve got some other stuff going on at the moment that has kinda made normal painmting difficult for the time being, so I’ve mostly been working on terrain – though I am looking forward to doing a couple of “reward” models and then starting on the next tray…


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