D&D Monster Manual 37: Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Shadows, Gray Ooze, Intellect Devourers

D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Shadows

Now we’re (finally) back into the minis I’ve painted this month. – We did have Mossbeard and the Crashed Aquila Lander, but then I had to double back to show the last of May’s work. Now for June once again, we’re doing the D&D Board Game series today – this time three sets of simple villain models from The Dungeon of the Mad Mage board game. First up, we have the trio of Shadows. I thought they were ghosts initially, but Shadows works, I guess. They’re painted in deep black tones, with very subtle highlights into Citadel Dark Reaper and some very dark greys. Then washed black to tone them all down again. Because Shadows, obviously.

D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Gray Ooze

The next model is a Gray Ooze. A simple, ugly, crappy model. It got three coats of Contrast Gryph-Charger Grey, with a bit of silver mixed into the final coat in order to give it a bit of a sheen, and make the grey distinctive from the tones I use for the flagstone bases. Basically, at this point I don’t know what this thing really is in D&D terms and don’t care enough to look it up because it’s a trash model. I’ll learn what it is when we have to fight it, I guess…

D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Intellect Devourers

The final models are also trash models. a sextet of Intellect Devourers. Very much Contrast Paint to the rescue here. Whatever. They’re painted and finished.

D&D Dungeon of the Mad Mage - Shadows, Gray Ooze, Intellect Devourers

And here we are – a set of 10 D&D boardgame models from The Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Even the trash models in their painted form will help to enhance the game over green or purple plastic, I guess. So there’s that. There’s still plenty more where these came from, though…

21 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 37: Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Shadows, Gray Ooze, Intellect Devourers

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure about it at first when I looked up what they were and how they look in terms of colour (thought they were ghosts when I opened the box – for obvious reasons) but they turned out pretty well!

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  1. I’m impressed by the shadows – very different sculpt than I’ve seen from D&D/Pathfinder. The grey ooze is very ‘meh’, though I like the colour. The brains on legs are disappointing to begin with (that’s the worst of the two D&D sculpts I’ve seen), and I agree they aren’t worth trying to do a better job. I think the reaper ‘not-D&D’ version you did a long while back was much better than these.

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    • Yeah. These ones seem scaled to roughly an actual human brain while the Reaper one was scaled to something like a bear. Not sure which one makes more sense to the D&D canon, but I just assume that like all fantasy monsters the scale varies wildly.
      Just had a google at the other Shadow minis. I saw the spindly-tentacly ones, and then the Nolzur’s ones as well. The spindly ones work as a different option I guess, as they’re ethereal monsters. The Nolzur’s ones look very similar to this but in their translucent plastic. They’d look good with a coat of black Contrast paint….

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  2. Nice mate, especially the shadows! Also enjoyed the last bunch of posts – I’ve fallen behind & had to wizz past without commenting, but it all gets a thumbs up from me dude 😊

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  3. Yea, the shadows are a hit. I don’t think I could pull off anywhere near such a nice effect.

    WTF on those Intellect Devourers though. I’ve never seen them so small, and the sculpts look pretty horrid. A shame.

    The ooze and slime monsters were always cool to me in the old books. But mini wise, it’s a bit insane. So many times I’d see some, and they would cost the same amount (or more) as a character mini for what’s basically a blob of metal/plastic. Texture paint and green stuff probably put those ooze sculptors out of business! ;P

    Love seeing your work on these D&D minis, hope there are more to go! 🙂

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    • Thanks! Well, on the Shadows, anyway. You can easily see why the ID’s didn’t warrant their own post, and likewise with the Ooze (I wonder if there’s a decent-looking Wizkids model of those?) There’s still tons more of the D&D stuff to go, so no worries there!

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