Small Scenics: Mantic Terrain Crate Battlefield “Pikes”

Mantic Terrain Crate Battlefield "Pikes"

At this point, I’m pretty much just grabbing random small and medium sized bits of terrain and seeing if I can knock them out in a day or three. All good, since they all count for Dave Stone’s Winter of Scenery Challenge, but I do need to get back to the final three models from The Tray and then try to do my “Reward” models which will also work for Jewel of Julyaugust – and what’s worse, two of those three just need tattoos, and the third just needs some cardboard patterns…

Mantic Terrain Crate Battlefield "Pikes"

So anyway, these two sets of defensive “pikes” came from Mantic’s Terrain Crate Kickstarter. When I got my pledge from that campaign, I had to seperate the parts from all of the many different boxes I got into three overall sets – stuff I could get done pretty easily; stuff I could get done with a bit of (usually hot water resets of warped PVC) repair; and shit that was so badly warped it was essentially going to be a fucking nightmare to try to get to the point of being worth putting paint on. These two bits came from the former. I found them in a baggie in a plastic tub, and so started on these and also some dungeon trap tiles – those will be forthcoming shortly. I did have to completely cover the “Reaper base cauliflower” texture of the ground with Vallejo Mud Paste and then use various weathering techniques to make them look less cloned from one another. Anyway, another two simple but versatile pieces done and into the pile of finished work!

11 thoughts on “Small Scenics: Mantic Terrain Crate Battlefield “Pikes”

    • Thanks mate – I think it’s a relatively common issue with PVC and “restic” models, especially when they’re made in China on the cheap – so Mantic and Reaper’s stuff doesn’t tend to fare all that well. A lot of the D&D boardgame models are like that as well, particularly from the earlier sets – and a lot of not-so-recent board games that use “miniatures”.

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  1. Another nice piece of terrain and its cool to see something in the fantasy realm this time. Those should be versatile and work with any type of army as well. Its great to see you’re taking advantage of being at home (I’ve been doing the same)!


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