Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery – Endless Spells: Quicksilver Swords (Contrast Paint Experiment #19)

Age of Sigmar, Malign Sorcery, Endless Spells, Quicksilver Swords, Contrast Paint

As part of “The Tray” I finished off another of the Endless Spells that have been hanging around part-painted for ages now. This one being the Quicksilver Swords. (Probably) No relation to Pietro Maximoff or Surfwear. A pretty complex model as a simple single piece cast from a simple concept, it’s a pretty good model, really. It’s on a 40mm base (I forgot – again – to take a shot alongside a model for scale reference) but it’s a pretty decently sized piece. I’ll have to do some Endless Spell group shots when I have a few more of them done…

Age of Sigmar, Malign Sorcery, Endless Spells, Quicksilver Swords, Contrast Paint

Since I didn’t think much of the almost-white yellow ectoplasm-smoke-whatever in the official art, I instead opted for purple to add a bit of colour and a nice compliment to the gold of the swords’ hilts and pommels. I know I just showed off those purple leeches from reaper using a similar purple Contrast tone, but these were started months apart, and the purple Contrast parts were done ages ago as part of that. These sword had, well, the entirety of the swords to paint to get them finished, along with the base. So here we are. Basically, the colour of the ethereal mystic stuff is Contrast Magos Purple once again spot-diluted with Contrast Medium.

That’s it for today! Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery – Endless Spells: Quicksilver Swords (Contrast Paint Experiment #19)

    • Cheers Dave. I couldn’t imagine using Contrast Paint without having the medium to hand. I don’t need to use it all the time, but it makes the paint SO much mroe versatile.

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    • Cheers Dave, the purple is maybe a bit dull, but it does go off well against the gold. If I were to do it again I might make it a little stronger, but like the title says – “experiment”… 🙂

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      • That’ll be cool to have a little, painted collection of those things. I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of weapon like that on a 25mm base now that my cleric just started using Spiritual Weapon a lot.

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      • Sounds like a plan. I’ve seen some of the Nolzur’s models have a translucent “trail” of.. something in them. Perhaps attaching a hammer/mace to one of those could be an interesting look? 🙂

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  1. I agree with Pete above that this one of the better looking spells in my opinion. I’m sure part of that is due to your excellent painting skills! I do wonder how fragile that mini is since it is pretty tall and skinny but one thing is for sure, it will look great on any battlefield!

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    • Well, it’s pretty light and I think it’d stand up pretty well to normal game handling. If someone with ham hands accidently flattened it it would probably break, and a fall to the floor I could see bending or snapping some bits. So much the same as a lot of regular models of today, really!

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    • Started with it thinned on a palette – with the contrast on one side and the medium on the other, mixed in the middle – that way I can dab on more from one side (more pigment) or the other (more medium) as needed. Also I did one flat side at a time and left it to dry lying down, so the pigment pooled in the depths of the sculpted detail and not at the bottom of the model.
      Sometimes I literally just have the medium in a dropper bottle (I decant the stuff into a Vallejo bottle) with the lid off, ready to go and drop onto the model – as with the elementals the other week.

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      • I guess thinning it a little before applying and then adding dabs of the medium while it’s all still wet where I want to thin the pigment. Just having both the paint and the medium on the palette so can I can work them as needed.
        Think of it almost like getting a transition effect between a tan and a green on tank camo if you’re adding a bit of this and a bit of that while the paint is still wet to get a smooth transition.


    • Thanks Pat, it’s really just playing around with it – and the result of having the paint start to dry and leave tide marks really quickly on some previous models so learning the hard way that I need the medium already out and instantly dab-able… 😀


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