Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion – 44031: Giant Leeches (Contrast Paint Experiments #18)

Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion - 44031 Giant Leeches

Another quick one here – this pair of Sea-Wormy things – Apparently they’re Giant Leeches – thanks to maledrakh for that! (and no thanks to Reaper’s shitty minis tagging) – came from the Dreadmere Expansion of Reaper’s 4th Bones Kickstarter. They’re …okay models, and a decent size (sorry, forgot to take a scale reference shot, but those bases are 25mm). Detail is a little soft, and there are visible mold lines which I did the best I could without putting in more effort than the models deserve. I couldn’t find the “proper” names of these anywhere on the KS pages, nor on Reaper’s site, so I went with “say what you see”.

Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion - 44031 Giant Leeches

For painting I went with a thinned down Contrast Volpus Pink with the usual Contrast Medium added in over what was either Wraithbone or AK Interactive WHite Spray (that part of the job was months ago). Even after the Contrast, it still looked a bit dull, so I drybrushed over it with some Vallejo Model Colour Ivory. Like a lot of the random stuff that comes out of Bones, I have no specific use for these, though I’m sure I can drop them into a bunch of different games as appropriate.

Similarly, as a pair of low-detail Bones models with no specific use, I could have done a lot better with them but went for the quick and easy win combined with learning a little more about how the Contrasts will work on different types of models and different sizes and shapes. These look fine as far as a simple Tabletop quality job, which is good enough for me. I’ve got plenty of more important models to put proper time and care into, after all! 😉

17 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 4: Dreadmere Expansion – 44031: Giant Leeches (Contrast Paint Experiments #18)

    • Thanks Roger! On the brighter side, at least there’s a wide variety of purplish worms available out there to fulfil all needed sizes and roles in a variety of games!


  1. Nice work mate, an good use of models you currently don’t have a use for as experiments with paint. As you say they will look good on a tabletop in whatever guise you use them as

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  2. You did a great job on these. I completely agree that they aren’t worth tons of time and those mold lines look quite annoying and nearly impossible to completely hide. I like the pink you chose (it is pretty striking and disgusting) as well.

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    • Thanks. I wanted to go for a look that was fleshy, yet pale and sickly enough to still pass for “undersea” if needed – while also containing a nod to the classic Purple Worm…

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