Citadel C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Apeman

Another pair of the old Night Horrors the 1986-88 time period today. These two are a little further down the scale of interesting than yesterday’s undead-themed models, and I really think they both only ever got painted because fur is easy.

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Werebear and Ape Man

C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Ape Man.

The apeman’s fur was pretty much all the same shade, so when I rebased him recently I decided to touch him up a little and add some colour variation to his fur. Most readily seen on his back, which is darker along the spine. Ape-Man is pretty much as he always was, but I drilled into the neck of his victim and stuck a little bit of wire in there to act as a bit of neck/spine. FATALITY!

Citadel C18 Night Horrors - Werebear and Ape Man

Rear View of the Bestial Night Horrors.

I’m not sure why I gave the Ape Man blonde locks. I guess he’s just that bit more fashion-conscious than the other Apes, but not so much as to actually start wearing clothes. Wheras yesterday’s pair will be rolled into the Undead army, these two fit in much more nicely with the Old-School mixed-style Beastmen of Chaos, along with the other weirdos like the Talisman Troll and the various Realm of Chaos-Era Beastmen.

I’ve got a few more Night Horrors floating around. There’s a Medusa on my painting desk, and I know I have a werewolf or two completely unpainted somewhere. Sadly I don’t have any of the really cool undead figures from this range, but c’est la vie…

9 thoughts on “Citadel C18 Night Horrors – Werebear and Apeman

    • Let’s be honest, if the Were-bear was anything besides a very old Citadel curio, we’d all think it was rubbish. Which he is – a competently-sculpted bad model! It’s one that gets kudos simply by being old and by Citadel. 😉

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    • Yeah, as I said to Alex, the Were-Bear isn’t much. The Apeman isn’t a bad sculpt, but it’s a weird model. Kev Adams, I think. Certainly in the middle ranks of the Beastmen is where these two belong!

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