Necromunda ’95! – The last pair of my part-painted original Escher Gangers – completed!

Necromunda '95 - House Escher Gangers

…which of course isn’t to say that these are the last of my classic Escher models. Just that these two are the last of the ones I started painting, back in the day. Now I just need to take a look through my old cases and make sure there are no more old necro models I’d started but not completed (there’s that one Goliath I’ve already found) and then I’ll be allowed to start some new Necromunda models! Which will, likely, mostly be more of the original metals until I can get all of those complete to allow me to start the new Plastics…

Necromunda '95 - House Escher Gangers

As with the previuous pair of Escher I finished in March, I had originally hoped to get these two finished for Fembruary …’19 and then this year’s Fembruary – While I missed both targets, I did finally get them completed this month and once again they qualify for Ann’s  “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge with another special nod to Alex from Leadbaloony. As with other recent models, I used both as an opportunity to work harder on painting effective and slightly more-realitically-shaded hair while trying to do my best to bring out the combination of Dangerous-Sexy-Punk of Jes Goodwin’s original sculpts.

Necromunda '95 - House Escher Gangers

This pair were actually much less far along to being completed than the previous pair of green-haired models, with just base flesh tones and leggings with basic shade laid down on both of these. Cheetah-spot’s tabard was painted blue, as were Tiger-stripe’s ammo pouches – along with a green shoulder pauldron – these “Skittles” elements on both were redone to fit a much more limited palette that I think suits both models well. I had always intended to gove the pair of them the same animal-print patterns that they show here.

Necromunda '95 - House Escher Gangers

There’s really not all that much to add here. Despite the over-20-years that these two – four in fact – models took to get completed, I’m very happy indeed with how well all four of them came out. So much in fact that I’m now disappointed that I haven’t got any more part-painted Escher to finish off… gonna have to start some fresh!

14 thoughts on “Necromunda ’95! – The last pair of my part-painted original Escher Gangers – completed!

  1. Man, I don’t know how you do these so quickly – I’m lucky to get one or two a week done…but then I’m also 3D printing mine now, so that takes time and money to keep the hobby going LOL! Keep it going! You’re keeping me inspired 🙂

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  2. Great work on these. I can see one of them has one of those faces that I’d really struggle to paint, but you made it look so good it could tans alongside newer models. Well done my friend!

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  3. I’m with everyone else, the animal prints are an awesome idea and fit their house perfectly. Great job on these and I look forward to more Necromunda sculpts when you get around to them!


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