Three of Nine – Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

Dark Riders, Black Riders, Citadel Nazgul, Nazgûl

These three models were painted some time ago, around 2005 – give or take a few years, and long before blogging was a thing to me. They’ve recently been drafted into Marouda’s Kings of War Undead force as Soul Reaver Cavalry – that is to say Vampiric Cavalry, which seems about as reasonable an approximation of Nazgûl as you can get within the Army list. These three represent a “troop” of Vampire Knights, which would ordinarily be made of 5 models. Works well enough for me!

Dark Riders, Black Riders, Citadel Nazgul, Nazgûl

So while the models are old, and their paint is old, what’s new is that I’ve gotten some custom-cut MDF and been able to make a unit base for them, in much the same way as I did with the Swarms that I painted recently. I think it makes them look quite nice, and certainly looks better than having them blu-taced down to a bare piece of MDF. I don’t believe I’ve shown these models before, so it’s all good.

Dark Riders, Black Riders, Citadel Nazgul, Nazgûl

For now, the Nazgûl will reside in the Undead Army, but at some stage they’ll be split off into their own Mordor force – When I have enough Mordor models painted to field them as a smallish army in their own right.

9 thoughts on “Three of Nine – Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

    • They would be black, with layered drybrushing through mixes of Vallejo MC Black Grey through to Wolf Grey which is a blue-grey and then very subtle Snakebite Leather/VGC Leather Brown and finally Bone for the robe hems.

      They’re attached to the base with a simple little blob of blu-tac. Since the models are all reasonably heavy due to being metal, the blu-tac holds as well as magnets would have, and it much simpler to apply. Either way you wouldn’t want to lift the base via one of the models.


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