Neglected Model May: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up and May 2018 Painting Round-Up

May’s graduating class of neglected models, finally complete!

One post for my personal round-up this month instead of two – mostly because almost all of my painted figures in April were Neglected Models – which really does say something about the state of my collection and how much half-painted crap I still have here! Above we have the neglected models for the month. It does really feel quite good to have gotten those bloody undead off the desk, finally. And the same goes for those carnivorous plants. The Ork stuff represented something much more important and personal, even though I haven’t managed to post up the “completed” initial force yet (I took some photos, but they were garbage, so gotta try again!)

The WarZone Stuff.

The WarZone stuff was pretty much just plucking stuff out of a figure case that looked like easy wins. I’ll probably do the same with WarZone or something similar next time it’s Neglected Model Month. Which will be in…. um… August. I think. I’ll have to check.

And with the addition of the few models that didn’t need to be neglected to get finished this month.

Here’s the radically different month’s total photo. You can really see why I’m doing both in one post, can’t you? It adds in one large angry Nurgle Malifaux dude, 2 Conan figures, and four bombs. 38 models for May, all told. Those Snotlings really did their job in bumping my numbers for the month!

38, plus the 194 I had done at the end of April gives me 232 to date this year. Of course, it’s now the 8th (almost the 9th) and I’ve only completed those three barrels so far… need to get a move on to get my minimum of 30 for June done!

Edit – how bloody embarrassing – I had last month’s April stuff in the header for this post. That’s what happens when you’re writing updates late at night!

Assembly April ’18: Community Round-Up

Ann’s Instant Chaos Army

April’s hobby challenge seems to been reasonably successful, with quite a few models combining into existence.

Ann from Ann’s Immaterium has put together a whole lot of stuff – I see Daemonettes, Chaos Hounds, Raptors (or maybe Warp Talons?), Possessed, as well as some Plague Marines and of course Big Daddy himself, a Great Unclean One.

Roberker, Juggerbot and friends.

Mark Morin completed Roberker and Juggerbot, who aren’t a musical duo like Simon & Garfunkel or Hall & Oates, but a pair of death-dealing combat droids. …who only moonlight in the music industry.

The Bureaucultist.

Interrogator Klien Inson

Countess Mandelholtz, of the Mandelholtz House of Imperial Finance.

Kitbasher and converter extraordinaire, Krautscientist from Khorne’s Eternal Hunt has created a trio of Inq28 models for his Ordo Scriptorum retinue. First up was “The Bureaucultist“, followed by Interrogator Klien Inson, and then Countess Mandelholtz.

Here it touches down on a lake of coffee and icing sugar.

Steinberg, of the associated Shed Space put together and also painted a rather cool and impressive looking Steam Wars MDF model of a US Navy Steam Wars Skyship.

Barik Farblast. Ready to blast. Or do some Tromboning.

Faust from Doubledowndice assembled and painted (painting stuff as well is completely fine!) a custom-kitbashed version of that Classic Bloodbowl Dwarf player, Barik Farblast. I initually thought it was a new Forge World model of that character since I’ve not kept up to date on all of the new Bloodbowl stuff, so, you know – great job there!

Wild at Heart: A David Lynch Film starring Gor Half-horn.

Wudugast of Convert or Die put together this pretty amazing rendition of Gor Half-Horn, the newly-released Forgeworld Necromunda Beastman Bounty Hunter. I think in many ways Wudugast’s model is superior to the official Forgeworld model and is a model I’m very likely to rip off draw inspiration from in the near future.

My own limited output was (sorta) shown in yesterday’s post, though I don’t have any group shots.

Did I miss your assembled models for this month? If so, please leave a note in the comments and I’ll add them in. Even if I’ve seen them on your blog, I can’t remember stuff like that by the time I do these round-ups!

And now, back onto getting those Neglected Models of May done!

Renegade Armiger Warglaive.

We now have a late addition from Krautscientist (posted after I went to bed last night but after I scheduled the auto-post for this round-up). A Renegade Armiger Warglaive for and of the World Eaters.

Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant

The Imperfect Modeller created this fantasy diorama for April’s challenge. Arthrand Nightblade, Wood Elf Sergeant. Since there was no link to the April Challenge post, I missed it until today as I’ve been scrolling through posts from the past few weeks that I may have missed while having foot and knee issues and missing stuff. It’s a lovely and evocative piece that works really well with the Wood Elf, so it’s a shame it missed the initial posting – but better late than never!




Assembly April: Monthly Hobby Challenge – Personal Round-Up

Assembly April was a bit of a failure on my part – at least in terms of what I personally hoped to achieve. The idea was that I’d be able to get something big and impressive built as those are the models that I typically put off assembling, but I honestly just wasn’t feeling up to building or painting very much.

I did manage to do some stuff done at the start of the month, and then just after halfway through I managed to motivate myself to get a few more things put together, but to be frank there was a bit too much real-life bullshit draining me, and big plastic kits with a million pieces do put me off as I don’t enjoy assembling them – so I didn’t manage to get a single real impressive model done, let alone the five-six that I’d picked out to work on. A couple of these silhouettes represent multiple related models rather than the single one shown.

Now, I was also having trouble deciding how to do the wrap-up for this month as well, as I’ve actually started painting a bunch of these, but none of them are finished yet. So how to show them off without showing a whole lot of crappy-looking half-painted models? I mean, I don’t mind it when I’m doing a tutorial post, or a WIP-post, but I’d rather show these particular models when they’re done.

A couple of these models still need an arm or two. That’s the other issue with this sort of thing. Sometimes I paint models once they’re fully-assembled, but other times I paint component separately, or paint some of the model, complete the assembly, then paint the bits that just got stuck on. So again – half-painted models that I’d rather not show at the point they’re at.

So it’s a bit of a mixed bag – the models I did get assembled were all things I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and now they’ve (almost) all got some paint on them. On the other hand, there’s other mid-large models I’ve also still not assembled, let alone the big stuff as I mentioned.

Hopefully I’ll manage to actually get most (or even all) of this stuff painted reasonably quickly rather than have them fall into Neglected Model territory. The one with the biggest danger of that is the one up top of this page, as I’ve got to work out exactly which force to align it with, and then work out what kind of additional bling to stick to it…

These four sets of Shadows of Brimstone models shown over the past few days were also assembled in April, so I’ve just added them in here. They weren’t assembled with Assembly April in mind – they were quickly put together so I could hit 30 models painted in April, but they required assembly besides gluing to bases, so assembly is Assembly, I guess – so I figure that they also count.