The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project Pt2: The Black Riders – Mounted Nazgûl (June-It ’18)

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

“Then the leader, who was now half across the Ford, stood up menacing in his stirrups, and raised up his hand. Frodo was stricken dumb. He felt his tongue cleave to his mouth, and his heart labouring. His sword broke and fell out of his shaking hand. The elf-horse reared and snorted. The foremost of the black horses had almost set foot upon the shore.” – Flight to the Ford, Fellowship of the Ring

Today we have the next batch Nazgûl for The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project. Obviously, I featured five Nazgûl on foot yesterday, so today we have seven, all obviously mounted. Despite only having Seven of The Nine painted and complete, I think the group of them looks nicely sinister. Once again, a credit to the sculpting talents of the Perry Twins.

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

While four of these models have been seen before on this blog, as noted yesterday they still had work to do to be 100% done – while the other three of these mounted models are all-newly-completed. Sure they were part-painted for godonlyknowshowlong, but the important thing today is that they’re now done – and they have the basing, the rocks, the weathering powder applied. So done and literally dusted.

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

And with that, I’m counting all seven of these this month. They needed work and they got it. At this point they should never need to be touched again, so done and done.

We’re talking two of this boxed set here, plus the singular “non-fancy” mounted Witch King.

Even though there are seven here – and not the full nine that the Nazgûl should be, I’m calling it a completed unit since I only have this many of the unnamed versions before they started getting extra-fancy with the up-armoured Ringwraiths, naming them (all?) post-RotK and giving them unique rules and personalities and models. They only released the three mounted models to my knowledge, anyway. Unless I (possibly) have another two, which would make nine. An old post of mine seems to say I do, but then I’ll need to figure out where they might be… Fake edit: I found them, but it’s going to be especially tight getting them done by the end of this month. They’re also a pair of the same sculpt, which is far from ideal. On top of that, I have the four final Nazgûl on foot to work on. I actually think I have a chance to get them all done, but probably not varnished (and cured) in time, given the tight time frame and terrible cold weather we’ve got right now…

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

Citadel Miniatures Mounted Nazgûl

I also sorted out a unit base for the six of these, so that when I (eventually) use them in a game of Kings of War as (proxy stats) Vampiric Cavalry, they’ll look nice. I’m counting the unit base as a completed model as well, as it’s a distinct piece and has more work in it than a lot of the scatter-terrain boxes and crates and barrels that we put together…

oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m posting this stuff up almost every day – motivation, BAY BAY! The feedback I get from the community (that’s you) on these posts genuinely helps to keep me going and getting this stuff done. It’d be pretty easy to just spend all my free time playing PlayStation and XBox and watching WWE/NJPW wrestling, after all.

18 thoughts on “The Fellowship of the Ring Scenario Project Pt2: The Black Riders – Mounted Nazgûl (June-It ’18)

  1. Superb again mate – much as we said for the wraiths on foot, the sculpts for these guys are pure genius, and your painting is absolutely spot on. Glad we’re collectively keeping you motivated mate – keep on trucking!

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    • Thanks Alex. It’ll be quite satisfying if I manage to complete both sets before month’s end. I think the weather (spray weather) is going to be my biggest obstacle.
      Then of course, there are their named variants…

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  2. There’s only seven you say, so these must be the dwarf lords Sauron gave rings to? jk, they look great!

    I’m still working on my Rivendell army (currently stalled due to some Blood Bowl commitments) but there are some real gems in the models from the Lord of the Rings line.

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    • Yep – platform shoes and ponies for the photoshoot. The Kings of Men’s flight got delayed, so we had to do what we could!
      I’ve got a decent-sized Moria and Gondor force painted, though both get pretty repetitive after awhile with those plastic sculpts. (with more to go for both – euggh!) Others I haven’t yet started on, but this project will no doubt work to get a lot more stuff started, if not done.

      Here are the Gondorians.

      Seems I never did an “army” shot of the Moria gobboes. Ah well – something for the future once I’ve got the Wargs (and Balrog?) painted…

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    • The video games provide a break and variation from doing the same thing all of the time. But then, for me they (and browsing the web) fill the same slot that watching TV does for “normal” people, but with the flexibility to play for far smaller chunks of time than TV shows – my main computer/console desk is less than a metre from my painting desk, so I bounce back and forth.
      Most of the TV watching I do is either listening to docos or “watching” wrestling while I paint – interchangeable with podcass. “Proper” TV watching is something I rarely manage to do, which is why I’m so far behind on quality programs and movies.

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      • Pretty much the same here. TV watching is more ‘movie watching or binge watching’ the occasional show with the Wife. I’ve never been a sports watching fan, luckily, so my free time is mainly tied up in games or reading. Computer is an arm’s reach away from my painting spot.

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      • Yeah, I also have one of those PVR cable boxes, so I just set it to record a bunch of those true crime and forensic shows, which make some interesting background “watching” while I paint.

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  3. Quality work by yourself and others has become pretty standard these days which just goes to show how high fhe bar has been set within this community. Motivating each other is without doubt a major component in my opinion.

    Sometimes though something is posted which I consider to be very cool and stands out, thats the case here. Great minis, superbly painted.

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    • Thank you – I’m really quite keen to get the last of them painted (so why am I spending all morning blogging….?) I envision setting up a nice little vignette with them all mounted, racing through the trees.

      …which means I need some more and better trees. Damn you, miniatures hobby!

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  4. I can’t add any more to what’s already been said! It’d take a lot** to convince me that those aren’t photos of real ringwraiths on real horses, photoshopped to look like they’re on miniature bases!

    ** but 20 quid would be fine!

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  5. “Sure they were part-painted for godonlyknowshowlong, but the important thing today is that they’re now done”

    And the world was truly a better place.

    Seriously man, your painting blows away what they have on the box cover. Just stunning.

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    • Sorry mate – just saw your comment now.
      They were done with careful successive drybrushing.
      Started with black spray for the base coat, then the paints were Vallejo Model Colour Black Grey, Dark Grey and (I think) Neutral Grey. The brown dust was Dark Brown weathering powder (not sure which brand, but a chocolate brownish).
      Hope this helps!


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