Bad Squiddo Games – Giant Iguana #Monstermarch5 (Shane Hoyle)

Bad Squiddo Games - Giant Iguana

A quick intro here from Azazel – Marouda has finally deigned to paint a few miniatures this month, so a big thanks to both Ann (“Neglected But Not Forgotten”) and Swordmaster (Monster March 5) for their respective challenges that helped to motivate Marouda to do some model painting again, as well as Kuribo who’s comment on the WIP post from a couple of weeks ago helped to kick her in the arse to get painting. I mean the kind words helped to motivate her.. :p

In this case, it’s a model that I picked up in the Bad Squiddo Shieldmaiden Kickstarter (as an extra) back in 2018. Anyway, over to Marouda:

So anyway it was the current Monster March and the Neglected But Not Forgotten challenges as well as Azazel drawing my attention to Kuribos comment that got me motivated to try painting again. So when Azazel asked “are you going to paint a model?” I said yes, and before I knew it there were 3 models in front of me to get started on. I thought “what is the worst that could happen?”

I must say I have been finding it much easier with several models on the go as while 1 model is drying I can work on the other one so it has been was more efficient and motivating as I was kept busy painting continuously for my invested time rather than waiting for 1 model to dry and then losing interest.

Bad Squiddo Games - Giant Iguana

I am still very much a beginner painter but it has been super helpful for me to have Azazel to demonstrate a painting technique or select the paint that I describe I would like to use. My usual output for painting models has been 1 model every 3 years or so. So completing 3 models over 2 weeks will be an amazing acheivement for me.

Now I am here to talk about the Iguana. I saw this in the Blister on Azazels painting desk a few months ago and stole it for myself to paint as I thought it was small and would be easy to paint. I googled Iguana to look at what colours I would like to use and patterning and decided I wanted mine to be a blue banded Iguana. The bands/stripes were tricky to paint I did a bit of practice before hand on the palette and on paper. Azazel explained I should make the bands pointy on the ends which was a challenge.

Bad Squiddo Games - Giant Iguana, Shieldmaiden

The spines were done black with some bone and contrast paint wash. I was so wrong that a small mini would be easy, things like the toe nails were tricky and painting the red in the mouth was nerve wracking. Note to self next time I will select (I mean steal from Azazel) a much larger model to paint. so when I get to details I wont mess them up because I can actually see properly. I actually have a lamp with a magnifying glass so this guy found himself under there so I could see what the hell I was doing.

As I have been working on 3 models at the same time I found that the larger models I have been painting were a lot more fun to paint. I enjoyed painting the body of the iguana, it was fairly simple scheme using P3 Arcane Blue and thinned Aethermatic Blue contrast paint. Azazel painted the eyes and teeth on it because I could see myself messing this up big time with too much paint and a shaky hand.

I hope you enjoyed this model and my thoughts about painting it. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Bad Squiddo Games – Giant Iguana #Monstermarch5 (Shane Hoyle)

  1. I think you’ve done a fantastic job Marouda, agree larger models can be easier than the small ones, but may require more paint and details to get the model looking right. Having more than model is just as you say, a way of keeping painting while one model is drying

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    • Thanks. Dave. Maybe now I will have some more confidence to continue painting. There were 2 units of Harpies that I had worked on some years back that have been neglected because I couldnt figure out what colour to paint their flesh. I may have to find them again anfd actually finish them.

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    • Thank you John, glad you like it 🙂 I almost chickened out of doing the stripes, because I thought it’s too difficult, but Az told me to practice doing the stripes elsewhere before I attempt it on the actual model and after a few practices I felt better about doing it on the model. I think the stripes make him more interesting.

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  2. Excellent work Marouda! Free handing black stripes is a bold move. Every time I try, I end up wanting to throw my brushes away. You pulled it off nicely. I also like the blue you chose for the iguana. Hope we will see more, as you find time!

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    • Thanks Faust. It has certainly been an interesting experience and a different experience getting back into painting minis again. I think I have a bit more confidence to give mini paiinting a go again, and to attempt and persevere with techniques that appear challenging. I hope to be painting more and putting them up on the blog certainly helps to keep painting.

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  3. Go Marouda! I really like the colours and stripes on the iguana. Very well done. I agree small is harder, especially with detail like that, but it looks great. I’m looking forward to the next two figures.

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    • Thank you Tamor. Yeah, It was when I got up to painting the toenails and mouth, I began to struggle. It has sort of put me off trying to paint models that small again. But I guess to someone used to painting that scale, he aint small at all!


    • Thanks Alex 🙂 I am really happy with how the blue turned out in the end. I was almost going to paint him tri colour with transition blending but I am not confident to try that yet.

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  4. How does Marouda paint so well when she does so infrequently!? Most people have to paint regularly over a long span of time to get as good as she seems to effortlessly manage 🙂 This lizard looks fantastic and I really like the stripes. Marouda is spot on about making mistakes too. Great miniature painters have quite a bit of skill applying paint but they also know how to undo mistakes quickly and easily. Its something I’ve become much more confident with myself in recent years and I consider it a real asset now.

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  5. Thanks Kuribo for the kind and encouraging comments 🙂 Az has always said when I have managed to finish a mini that I am not terrible at painting so it makes me think if I actually paint more that perhaps I will get better faster than I think. It is just intimidating when there are 6000 paint pots to choose from and I’m not even joking! I am in the process odf selecting my next minis to paint, I said to Az that his brush is not allowed to touch my model bc I want to see how it turns out including any detail work. Plus I want to push myself to get better at the fine detail. Do you have any suggestions of some easy models for a begginer?

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