Vikings, Tuttugu ok þrír! – Morgana, Forest Healer #Fembruary 2021 (Bad Squiddo Games)

Morgana, Forest Healer. Bad Squiddo Games

OK. my last model from the run of Bad Squiddo Shieldmaidens for Alex’s #Fembruary 2021 challenge over on Leadbaloony. I’ve still got another four models on the painting desk that I’d hoped to finish for thhe challenge – not vikings, and amusingly enough the four models I’d originally intended to get motivaated to finish as they were started in the mid-1990’s and have a fair few games under their belts despite not being completed. I’ll still be trying to finish them this weekend, though they’ll be belated Fembruary models rather than “proper” ones, since I’m sure February can only pushed out so far….

This one is Morgana, Forest Healer, and is a bit more on the fantasy bent than the regular Shieldmaidens I’ve been painting, though even in a historical context there were seers and wise women and the like, so she can fit in there either way. If it’s a fantasy situation, the staff’s eyes are glowing, and if a historical one, then they’re just …painted. 😀