I Love Meeses to Pieces: Bad Squiddo Games – Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

Bad Squiddo Games - Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

A pretty random set of models today – a set of three Moose that I picked up some time ago from one of the Bad Squiddo Kickstarters, along with my Viking Shieldmaidens and various other models. I don’t recall if these were part of the campaign itself or part of the “buy some extra stuff from the store at a special price” thing, but I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point in time.

Bad Squiddo Games - Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

In a story that’s no doubt quite familiar to readers of this blog, I was looking for something else and found these in a tub, cleaned and with base texture putty applied and nothing else. So I decided to get these three models done and out of the way – so I glued and greenstuffed the antlers onto the daddy moose, primed all three, and then set to taking slightly longer than I wanted in order to get them completed. Though it was at least fairly quick. Now that they’re done, I have no idea what I’ll be doing with them – but they’re finished and can go onto a shelf and then be put away for whatever instance in future I may decide that I need a moose or three for the table… perhaps as Elk for background to some Viking gaming…?

Bad Squiddo Games - Moose Family (Phil Hynes)

For the size comparison, none of my Shieldmaidens were available, being put away in a figure case, and Berkeley and her chainsaw seemed the wrong kind of model to put with these three, so enjoy this Wood Elf – which is probably one of the only in-lore kinds of models that would be able to skip past some Moose/Elk without seriously disturbing them anyway!

#Fembruary 2021 Completed – Bad Squiddo Viking Shieldmaidens & Morgana.

Here’s my final round-up for Alex’s #Fembruary 2021 challenge over on Leadbaloony. 16 Viking Shieldmaidens plus a hero model. All of these are ones I picked up in the Bad Squiddo Shieldmaiden Kickstarter. I enjoyed p[ainting these models. I’ve had them in the back of my mind to work on for some time since I’d all but finished my metal Vikings until I got a pile from this campaign. There were a lot of other models I’d selected and prepared for the Fembruary challenge (almost 40 more models in fact!) I’m sure I’ll get to a lot more of them before next Fembruary, though it’s certainly time for a rest from the vikings for the time being…

There are four more female models that were my original picks for the challenge but although I did work on them, the Vikings ended up taking over. Hopefully I can get them done in March at least. 🙂