Reaper Bones Shipping Containers Part 2 – 80036: Shipping Container; (unreleased?): 10″ Shipping Containers?

Reaper Bones Shipping Containers 80036: Shipping Container; (unreleased?): 10" Shipping Containers?

Sort-of on the heels of my last post featuring Reaper’s Shipping containers, I have the last three of the six I got in their kickstarter. The smaller of the three is the same type as in my previous post of containers, but the other pair… they’re a bit of an odd mystery. They’re about 10″ long, but Reaper only lists a 20′ shipping container with an image that makes it look the same size as their regular 5″ ones. So…. that link might be them, it probably is, but.. who knows exactly? I’d have thought listing the actual sizes of the models would probably have been more useful, but what do I know? naturally, the 3″ ones from my previous post aren’t listed at all, at least not when you search for “shipping container” or “container”….

Anyway, more scenery for modern, zombie, apocalypse, superhero or sci-fi games. And a little subset of a Kickstarter terrain built, painted, done and dusted. I’m happy enough with that.

Reaper Bones Shipping Containers Part 1 – 80036: Shipping Container; (unreleased?): 3″ Shipping Containers

Reaper Bones Shipping Containers, 80036: Shipping Container; (unreleased?): 3" Shipping Containers

Right on the tails of Reaper’s Dumpsters and “Weapons Lockers” that I just shared, I had found the unassembled sets of Shipping Containers from my Bones Kickstarters. So over a few days, I assembled, sprayed, stencilled and weathered them. It wasn’t hard, just tedious, but certainly doable enough to make continue to myself finish a couple pieces each day over several days, which is also how I managed to finally complete those the Dumpsters and Weapons Lockers.

Once again, a Space Marine, a Hasslefree model that absolutely is not of Simon Pegg, and a Zombicide figure that is not Basil Fawlty here provide us with some size reference…