Reaper Bones Shipping Containers Part 1 – 80036: Shipping Container; (unreleased?): 3″ Shipping Containers

Reaper Bones Shipping Containers, 80036: Shipping Container; (unreleased?): 3" Shipping Containers

Right on the tails of Reaper’s Dumpsters and “Weapons Lockers” that I just shared, I had found the unassembled sets of Shipping Containers from my Bones Kickstarters. So over a few days, I assembled, sprayed, stencilled and weathered them. It wasn’t hard, just tedious, but certainly doable enough to make continue to myself finish a couple pieces each day over several days, which is also how I managed to finally complete those the Dumpsters and Weapons Lockers.

Once again, a Space Marine, a Hasslefree model that absolutely is not of Simon Pegg, and a Zombicide figure that is not Basil Fawlty here provide us with some size reference…