Community Painting Challenges for 2018

Leonard the Cat and LPS Bub look to the future of painting challenges.

So as Painting Decembuary seems to have been reasonably successful for those of us participating, I’ve been asked about other challenges. I have an idea that I think manages to keep it simple but hopefully focused enough to keep it interesting for anyone who chooses to participate.

February and March will be small challenges. I may or may not have an initial round-up post at the start of the month and a single wrap-up post for each of these two – but no more than that.

Mega-City One Judge. Adeptus Arbites in Power Armour, RTB01 Marine.

This guy was REALLY neglected. For over a decade.

February will be “Finish a neglected model” month. Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting at least 6 months ago, but still sits unfinished.

A game-legal unit of Minotaur Space Marine Devastators wot I finished.

March will be “Finish a legal unit” month. I don’t care if or when you started the unit – or even how many models are in it. Just finish it. It could be 100 goblins or one Space Marine Medic. As long as it’s a legal unit for a game, then it counts.

Example photo from (Mine are in a box in the shed!) Look at all those sprues! Euggggh!

April will be “Assembly-Easter”. Where we celebrate not with chocolate eggs but by assembling something largish that you’ve been putting off for months or longer. I’m sure we’ve all got something like that. Depending on interest, I might do semi-regular updates as with Decembuary.

May and June will probably repeat the “neglected model” and “legal unit” challenges – simple and easily-achievable things that can nonetheless help to motivate us to get some more stuff finished – before another more “Main” Painting challenge in July. We’ll figure that out later, depending on interest – along with anything further through the year.

For a small donation of time this coming month, you can give your neglected models some paint and flock so they can find a new home on your shelf instead of thrown in a box.

If Un-Neglect February strikes your fancy, then start thinking about what poor neglected model(s) you might have hanging around that you might be motivated to pull out of that cabinet, out of that figure case, out of that box, out of that sandwich bag – and get them finally finished off.

The criteria for February: Simply complete a single model (or more if you want) that you started painting at least 6 months ago, but still sits unfinished.

If you’d like to participate, please let me know in the comments here. Or don’t, if you prefer – but I can’t include you in round-ups if I don’t know you’re out there. I’ll do an intro post next week, then post your updates on your own blogs at your own pace. I’ll than do a wrap-up post at the end of next month.

57 thoughts on “Community Painting Challenges for 2018

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    • Yep, it’s not all that much of a “challenge”, but if it helps anyone with their motivation it’s worthwhile. What’s Squaduary? I mean, I can guess the general gist of it, but…



        It’s one of a couple of community hobby challenges that (I think) grew out of the success of Dreadtober a few years back. Build and paint a single Squad (of whatever kind or size) in the month of February. Dreadtober is basically the same thing, but with Dreadnoughts or similar, and in October. I think Monster March came out of that, too, and there might be a couple more. They’re fun, and a good way to see parts of the blogosphere that I don’t usually.

        I’m tweaking it a bit because it’s often impossible to spray prime at this time of year, so I’m building one Unit of Seekers and then painting up another Unit of Seekers that’s been lying around primed for a while.

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      • Sounds like something that fits in with me at least attempting it. I’ve got a whole bunch of metal plaguebearers that I would like to get painted so I think I might enter them in this. Even if I don’t get all of them done I might be able to get enough for a legal squad finished.


      • I could join – as I am finishing up a platoon of Archive Space Phraints (originally from 1979-1981). I saw your link on Azazel’s comments. My blog is on WordPress – – I should have a posting by this weekend…can I get in?

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  2. A very cool idea, and maybe something that could help me make a dent in my massive backlog — one small suggestion, though: Could “Neglected model” maybe be expanded to include models that were converted/built ages ago, but that have yet to see a lick of paint? Because I have piles and piles of INQ28 conversions from years ago that I have yet to paint 😉

    On a mostly unrelated note, that Marine in classic Judge Dredd colours is just incredible! Fantastic job!

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    • How could I say anything but yes? – I think built aeons ago counts –
      especially given that anything you pull out will be far from a standard build. I’m honoured to have someone of your kitbashing and converting skill participating. 🙂
      Thank you also for the kind words on the PA Judge!

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  4. Nice idea! I unfortunately have not any unfinished projects since I completed my Nightmare Legion, which of course was unfinished for more than 3 decades! I don’t have any unpainted stuff that neglected!

    I am finishing platoons this year…I wanted to finish the Archive Space Phraint platoon in January (36 figs) but that will likely be done this weekend. Then on to Critter Commando frogs platoon!

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    • I’m jealous of your situation there. There’s always Squaduary as linked and described above by WestRider, or perhaps you can fit something in next month with “Finish a legal unit March”. Maybe a Squad (or Section) of Frogs. 🙂

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      • Yeah, my wife tolerates my projects because she sees I have a plan to finish (must be a West Point thing ingrained in me). The Frogs are definitely in the queue, and the Phraints are in the last stages and I hope to have a blog post or two before the Super Bowl (and my surgery on Monday!).

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      • A finite number of figures, or “plans” for the uncountable hordes? I can understand the latter, but the former does not quite compute…
        Best wishes for your surgery. I hope it’s a minor one, and that it resolves as quickly as possible.


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    • Good stuff! February and March are designed to be easy for people to fit into their normal painting schedules and plans. April and Easter will be about building something that has sat untouched or unloved and the next major painting one probably July. Too many big ones and it’s too hard for people to care as they no longer become events.

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  14. What a unique post.. and you’re very skilled at painting models! If I were to do that.. it would probably be a disaster .. and we’ll I’m always messy with paint brushes

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    • Cheers mate! I’m in the process of adding you to the round-up post-in-progress right now, and I added a note for Alex to include you in his Fembruary update. 🙂


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  17. Hi Azazel. I hope you are doing well. I know February is about over but I wanted to check and see if you were planning on doing a Neglected Model challenge this year?


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