WAAAAGH! Pt.12: 40k Ork Slugga Boyz’ ‘Eavy Weapons

And now my final four Ork boyz – from the initial wave, anyway. The first of these is made mostly with fantasy parts armed with Slugga and Choppa. One metal boy with Big Shoota from before plastics were on offer – which is why I converted my others from the plastic boyz.

The other two are a pair of Rokkit Launcher boyz that are also kitbashed from plastic Ork parts with “rokkits” made from some Ork epic parts from the bits box. Their rokkit backpacks were made from greenstuff with some more plastic parts for the spare rokkits. The “rokkit arms” were initially made from fantasy spear arms.

Ork Slugga Boy

Ork Big Shoota Boy

Ork Rokkit Launcher Boy

Ork Rokkit Launcher Boy

While this is the last of the boyz from the first wave. We still need the two Nobz, the Warboss and a whole pile of grots/gretchin to properly complete the first wave – so still at least three posts (and a bunch more figures) to come…