Officio Assassinorum: Vindicare Assassin (40k2e, 1995-6)

Officio Assassinorum: Vindicare Assassin 1995-6, Jes Goodwin

Before Imperial Vindicare Assassins spent their time cowering behind rubble, or even spent time in aiming poses, they liked to hang out, guns akimbo and posing heroically because Warhammer. This model is the original Vindicare, released way back in 1995/6. It was the first of the second wave of 40k Assassin models, quickly followed by the Callidus and then the Eversor – all sculpted by Jes Goodwin. The colour scheme is a nod to the original “official” White Dwarf scheme as well as well as my original work on this model, which I’ve preserved. Which is why a sniper “assassin” is covered in red-brown straps, brown pouches, armed with shiny silver weapons and decorated with an assortment of white skulls.

Officio Assassinorum: Vindicare Assassin 1995-6, Jes Goodwin

This is the model I actually started painting but never fully completed back in ’95-96. I’ve been “making” Neglected Models for quite some time! The tab had broken off and the model sat in what was basically a junk box. I fished it out, pinned him to a new mechanicum base (complete with blown-out Iron Warrior helmet!) and set about not only restoring but completing it. The original paint has been basically used as a base coat for most of it, so in a sense the original paint is still visible for 90% of the model – the main difference is that it’s fully now complete.

I do have another of this sculpt, and so when I get arond to painting it I may well do something a bit more camouflage. Or Low-vis in some other way that won’t necessarily include red straps…

9 thoughts on “Officio Assassinorum: Vindicare Assassin (40k2e, 1995-6)

  1. Great salvage of this classic model mate, had this model when it first came out, but now have a conversion to represent my vindicare.
    Agree the colour choices were a bit weird for somebody who worked with stealth ! LOL

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  2. Brilliant work, you’ve done this classic justice. I have the images of the various assassins from the Grey Knights codex burned into my mind from years ago, they are such striking models.

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  3. A cool classic paintjob on a classic model! The pistol sculpt is horrible and the pose is maybe a bit silly, but otherwise it’s a nice model. I had this model as a teenager, but I’ve sadly lost it somewhere along the way.. I remember painting him topples at first 😀 It felt somehow off and I realized that he had a bodysuit, after which I repainted him in black.

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    • I don’t mind the pose – it’s basically a traditional miniature “hero” pose, though at least he’s not unhelmeted, shouting and pointing with his foot up on a rock!
      We could always do a set of them like that – Beach Assassin, Bodybuilding Competition Assassin, Pro Wrestler Assassin…

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  4. This is an awesome mini and I’ve only seen the newer version (which looks quite nice) but I love the style of this old one too. I really like the rebasing you did as I think it makes this guy stand out.


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