Shieldwolf Miniatures’ Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti C) – Units Complete! (Monster MAYhem ’22)

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis, Yhetees

Finally! I’ve completed all six of my Shieldwolf Miniatures’ Krumvaal Lower Yetis. It took me over a year, and three Monster Painting Challenges to get all six of them done – doing them in pairs each time. There’s a lot of busy detail on these, as well as overlapping, very similarly sculpted textures – fur and hair. I really didn’t enjoy painting any of these six – but I do at least think they look pretty solid as painted models – and best of all, they’re done and I never have to paint another one of them again for the rest of my life! In theory, that’s true of most models unelss they happen to be sculpts that are oft-duplicated or multipart or part of a long-rnning series like Space Marines, but in this case, it’s just nice to know.

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis, Yhetees

In terms of the paint on this final pair, I gave them slightly different tones on their leather “coats”, and continued the theme of painting the stolen shields as though they’d been taken from members of my own Reisgard regiment that had fallen victim to the smashening – though I definitely do need to add some fanicier shields to the next Reiksgard commanders to fit in with some of the heraldry on these Yeti shoulders. Since they’re also berefit from metal in terms of their own properly wielded weapons, armour, or even buckles, I painted the spikes and swords that have been pounded through the clubs with a pretty heavy coat of rust. They obviouslly maintain those fantastic shields on their shoulders much more carefully than their weapons!

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis, Yhetees

Having said all of the stuff about how much I hated painting these, I do strongly suspect that now that part of the job is completed I will likely become fond of these models – particularly if they see some table use. I’ve based them on 50mm rounds, which is the official size for Yetis (or Yhetees) in Age of Sigmar. I’ll just drop them onto a MDF unit base for Kings of War, though I haven’t kept up at all with the force organisation for the latest edition I’m sure they’ll still have a place in the Ogre army.

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis, Yhetees

I believe that in KoW the six of these things can make two units of three, or one big-arse unit of six. Meanwhile in Sigmar they’d run as a big scary horde of mobs, taking up a lot of table space and making a mess of whoever they encounter, wherever they go!

Shieldwolf Miniatures' Krumvaal Lower Yetis, Yhetees

Meanwhile in Sigmar they’d run as a big scary horde of mobs, taking up a lot of table space and making a mess wherever they go! No scale shot for Berkeley this time – she’s taken on the previous two pair of these and their size can be seen in either of those two posts (also, I forgot to take a scale pic)

21 thoughts on “Shieldwolf Miniatures’ Krumvaal Lower Yetis (Yeti C) – Units Complete! (Monster MAYhem ’22)

  1. Excellent work mate, they may have been a pain, but the end result on them was well worth it, from the stolen shields to the rusty weapons they are awesome

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    • Thanks Dave! If I manage to get a few more Ogres done in the next month or three I’ll potentially even get an updated army shot with these models in it. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel about these models when I get to that point…

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  2. I imagine one of these on a smaller base would probably work for the Blood Bowl Norse team as well. Maybe the boulder throwing ones. Nice work, I think the wood and stone turned out awesome!

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    • Oh, that’s an interesting point. Something I might have looked at if the timeline were different and I hadn’t already finished them. The dual club one has hands with clubs that are both separate bits, so replacing those hands could also work.

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  3. As Dave said above, they might have been a pain to finish but they really do look great. The sculpts are high quality and I’m surprised I’ve not heard or seen more of this manufacturer’s products as well. I’d consider painting one of these up one day for a fun challenge! 🙂

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    • Thanks mate – there’s not all that much that can be (easily) done with these models to distinguish them, so a little bit of colour variation has to do the job as much as possible. 🙂


  4. Aye, it would be a shame to spend so much time working on these and getting them looking so good only for Berkeley to come along and chainsaw them into chunks! Best to keep her well away from this impressive looking mob!

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