RPE Bob Olley’s Ogres: 02.147b Heavy Assault Axe, 02.148b Warrior Great Sword

RPE Bob Olley's Ogres: 02.147b Heavy Assault Axe, 02.148b Warrior Great Sword, Ral Partha Europe Ogres

It’s been awhile since I painted any Ogres, and so while looking for something else I found my little stash of RPE models a couple of weeks ago, and what with this month being home to the Monster MAYhem challenge, I thought “why not?” and pulled out the Heavy Assault Axe model, since with all that armour he looked like he’d paint up nice and quickly. Turns out – I was right, and he did. So shortly after completion a week or two ago, I went back to the well and grabbed out another one that also looked like he’d paint up quickly and without any trouble.

RPE Bob Olley's Ogres: 02.147b Heavy Assault Axe, 02.148b Warrior Great Sword, Ral Partha Europe Ogres

His mate also painted up quickly and easily, and I have to say this pair of models was one of the easiest pair I’ve worked on in some time. Detailed, but not over-detailed, and just nice. Ironic in a sense, as I usually can’t stand Bob Olley’s sculpts – but his Ogres, and his Ogryn – I love. Funny, that.

They’re not huge ogres by modern terms. They really fit in best with the earlier Citadel line – the C23 and earlier models – so these are much closer to 28 or even 25mm scale rather than the current heroic 32-36mm models put out by Games Workshop. I mounted the pair of them on 40mm round bases, and they’re probably not much taller than a Stormcast (I really need to paint a Stormcast model, if only for scale shots!) There are a couple more of these I’d like to pick up, though I do have several more of these in my stash. Since I’m not really actively working on my Ogre army, it’ll probably be awhile before I get to doing more of these as I have a whole pile of Ogre-sized models in the queue (on bases, and with primer and stuff) and this Monster-themed month is about to expire – and once that’s done I’ll need to refocus much more on my painting tasks at hand – Zombicide, Journeys in Middle-Earth, and Flames of War….

31 thoughts on “RPE Bob Olley’s Ogres: 02.147b Heavy Assault Axe, 02.148b Warrior Great Sword

    • Thanks Dave. I’ve got a few more of these but I’m not sure when I’ll have more of these on the desk, unless I make a special effort to get another pair of them cleaned up at work this week during meetings…

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  1. They are gorgeous mate – you know I love Bob’s work anyway, but yeah, his Ogres definitely stand out… these are no exception. The face on the sword fella is amazing!

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    • That they are – I’ll have to get some Ogre group shots done again so the sizes stand out a bit more, but probably not worth it until I get some more Ogres painted…. including some modern ones!

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  2. Very nicely done! 🙂 You might find this hard to believe, but I have the figure on the left with the axe (well, I think he’s still around somewhere)! He’s still unpainted of course – I bought him years ago to use as an ogryn bokur in Warmachine, giving him a shield retrieved from a Cygnar warjack, but since the group of people I used to play against are long dispersed I can’t see him getting finished!

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  3. Nice, I’m glad that these were more of a breeze than a chore for you. It sucks when you get bogged down with a bunch of belts and bits. Since I’m doing a lot of 28mm, that guy with the armor, looks like he would make a nice addition! 😃

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    • Thanks mate. I’m pretty sure that these were sculpted after his GW Ogres, but are also considerably smaller. I know that these size differences can often come down to the brief from those commissioning the sculpt – or them wanting the models to fit in with their ranges. Tre’ Manor’s Reaper stuff is much larger than the relatively tiny stuff that he does for his own lines!


    • Cheers Wudu. I’ve still yet to actually get a single of GW’s “new” “fat ogres” painted, funnily enough. And despite owning quite a few of them. I guess the older more generic style just appeals to me a more, even though I like the new ones as well.
      That and I haven’t been painting as many ogres as I really “should”….

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