April 2022 – Personal Painting Round-Up

Another small-ish batch of models completed in April this time. I did manage to finally complete two small units – one for each side of my Flames of War desert forces, a couple more Zombicide survivors, my second pair of those Shieldwolf Yetis (one left to go!) a few Journeys in Middle-Earth heroes and villains and a few other random models from 40k, necromunda and Reaper Miniatures.

I feel like I really need to crank it up on the Zombicide and Journeys models, and while I have more models from each on the desk right now, it’s still slow going. The final pair of Yetis are on the desk, as I’m making an attempt to complete them for Monster MAYhem, so hopefully they’ll be up here soon(ish)…

The numbers are once again down a little bit this past month, with 23 models completed (though I did paint one of those Marder crew separately and glue him down later) – so I’ll give myself 24. With that added to the 126 I had complete by the end of March, that gives me 150 models so far for 2022. Once again, 23/4 models is again under my “soft target” of one model for each day of each month, and I’m not sure how well May is going so far (as of the 7th of May I have five models completed), but I am at least still getting stuff done!