Destino December ’19 – Community Painting Challenge.

One of the hardest parts about these challenges is coming up with (semi) interesting concepts, rather than just cycling through Units/Neglected/Something else each month. Well, that and doing round-up posts. 😛

Now December brings us Christmas, and so with both of these things in mind, I’ve decided to do something slightly different. It’s time to find a miniature (or a few) that you’ve really wanted to paint – or get finished. Now they could be a model you’ve had for decades and still not gotten around to painting. It could be a brand new release. It could be a model that’s been out for four years that you just finally picked up.

I’d count something like this for myself. Because whenever I saw it sitting around, I WANTED to paint it!

So yes, it’s basically a “finish anything you want” type month, though the onus is on you to be honest. I mean, I’ve got a unit of shitty plastic dwarves I’ve been wanting to finish for awhile – but that’s because I want to get them done and out of the way. They’re not models that inspire me, so they really don’t count at all.

To paraphrase Marie Kondo, we’re looking for a model (or models) that “Spark Joy” when you see it/them.

Here’s some personal examples:

  • Almost any of the AoS models (End Times+ era) that I’ve picked up that I’ve been “saving” until I get more of the neglected backlog done.
  • Forge World Chaos Ogres, Forge World Fimir, Forge World Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs.
  • Various Primaris Heroes.
  • That squad of Primaris Marines on my desk
  • That squad of OG Marines that need a resurrection
  • That Ultramarine* Terminator Captain conversion/kitbash on my desk that I started in 1992.
  • Redemptor Dreadnought on my desk.
  • That old Predator tank that I just rebuilt from garbage model parts.
  • Quote a few of those Classic Ork models.
  • …and heaps more.

This one fit the bill for me…

Here’s some that don’t qualify (again, for me) – examples of things that I need to finish that don’t “Spark Joy” to me: (doesn’t mean I dislike them at all, but they don’t give me that little burst of excitement/enthusiasm endorphins when I look at them).

  • That BA-ish captain on my desk.
  • That IW Hero on my desk.
  • That unit of Dwarves
  • That unit of Uruk-Hai
  • Sam Gamgee x4
  • Endless Endless Spells
  • Not-Shadespire Terrain
  • A fair few of those classic Orks.


Hopefully this helps to illustrate what December’s challenge is about. Think of it as finishing model(s) that will serve as a Christmas present to yourself!

Now go, and fulfill your DESTIIIIIIIIIIIIINO!

25 thoughts on “Destino December ’19 – Community Painting Challenge.

  1. OH YES. I shall be participating, and I know exactly what I’ll be painting up. Almost exactly a year ago, the wife got me the Sepulchral Guard warband for Shadespire and, to my eternal shame, I still haven’t painted it up. I absolutely love the models and think they’re some of the best undead figures that GW has released in years. Plus, it was a gift from my significant other. That alone should have bumped it to the top of the to-do list.

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  2. Ill be doing something for this for sure. Most likely my ork flash gitz as they’re amazing models that I’ve been putting off as they are such perfect ork units in my mind.

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  3. I like the theme of this one very much. I would say Theoden fits this really well but I’m honestly not sure if I will get him done this year or not. If so, he’ll definitely be included in the challenge!

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  4. Interesting theme!
    I’ve been working up to painting some of the newer underworlds and warcry bands, so this should be the perfect chance. The warcry in particular are some of the most flavourful models in recent times, and I have no doubt they will be fun to finish and paint up. Now I just need to actually assemble them!

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  5. Great theme once again, and very fitting for December! I have a couple of characters in my closet that are perfect for this. Just have to build appropriate bases for them! And funnily enough, I just ordered two models from eBay that I’ve wanted forever, but since the national postal service is on strike at least until Christmas, I doubt I’ll get to painting them this year..

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  6. Most of my models would count as I just want to be able to find them ! LOL I’ll see what I can come up with, even if it’s some scratch builds for the Star Wars project

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  7. Yes I believe I have the perfect thing – my newest ‘models’ in fact. I picked up the Zone Mortalis tiles, really like the look of them, and I’m keen to paint them up asap as they will spark joy by giving me and interesting base for photograph any future SF models on! I was aiming to get them painted ASAP and this will give me that extra motivation.

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  8. Oh crap, where do I start?! There is that decades old Forge World 1st Generation resin Valkyrie sitting in a box somewhere (this seems like a Hugh task to complete in the month of December!; several Malifaux 2e minis that need more than base coating!; there are currently two scale-model WWII planes on the painting desk right now; oh and that 3D Printed Y-wing in Legion scale that is only base coated.

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  10. This is a great idea, I’ve definitely got a few things I’d like to work on for it. All too often I think we end up painting things we think we “ought” to be working on, to complete collections or so that we can play games etc, and the things that are really inspiring us get pushed to the back. Riding that wave of inspiration however is often the fastest way to produce our best results. Personally I suspect that Ork 96 won’t count for this challenge – but Ork 100 undoubtedly will!

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  15. Hey mate, this has nothing to do with this challenge, I just thought I’d drop you a line (and I figured this was as good as any place) and say that I hope you’re doing well! While there’s no pressure to come back or resume working on your website, I do want you to know your updates are mostly certainly missed and I hope life is treating you well.

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