WAAAAGH! Pt.25: All of My Painted 40k Rogue Trader Space Orks (so far!)

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3, RTB02 Space Orks (1988, 1989), Kev Adams

A very simple and straightforward post today for my 25th on the Orky topic – a single pic featuring all of my currently completed Rogue Trader Orks. Not a ton of Boyz by today’s 40k-horde-standards, but I think a decently respectable little group of models from the day. There will of course be many more, bit by bit…

WAAAAGH! Pt.24: 40k Rogue Trader Space Orks (1988-ish)

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3 Space Orks (1988), Kev Adams

For something a little different from what’s been posted lately, we have two more Oldhammer Space Orks. These two were the last of the contingent of 20 Oldhammer 40k Orks I planned to get painted with my challenge alongside Wudugast last year, but I fizzled out from painting before the finish line. Of course, the challenge was for 25 Orks in total, and the final five were assembled, based and primed last year so I will be getting them into active painting soon – I just need to finish a dozen or so other models first…

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3 Space Orks (1988), Kev Adams

The Ork with the cutoff vest has partially skipped the military theme, going instead for something more “traditional”, at least in terms of what I’d see around the area as a teen. This was actually much more legible before I tried adding in the red text inside the white. (And apparently my photography is hot garbage!) Now it merely gives the appearance of what it’s supposed to say – hopefully at least the people who know what it is will be able to recognise it, so I’ll call this one a learning experience and only a partial win at best.

Oldhammer 40k Space Orks, Kev Adams, Iron Maiden

Due to the rather sharp and twisted angles on the figure in the source material, it was a lot trickier to paint Eddie than expected. ‘cos, you know, the back patch space on an original, small hunched-over ork model is pretty tiny! But still, I’m disappointed that it didn’t come out as clean as I’d pictured it in my mind’s eye – which just means I have to keep at it and get better!

I’d originally taken a group photo of all of the Oldhammer 40k Orks together, but then noticed later that I’d missed two of them – and I haven’t had a chance to retake the photos since then, so I’ll have to get ’em done later in a subsequent post.

Oh, and these two also count towards Ann’s “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. I’ll try to get my last post(s) for that up tomorrow. I think I can stretch it until early the day after, because here in Australia we’re living in the future.

WAAAAGH! Pt.23: RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Trooper, 44202/3 Space Orks (1988) (Kev Adams)

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Trooper, 44202/3 Space Orks, Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader, 1988, Kev Adams

Another four Oldhammer 40k Space Orks today – some that I didn’t manage to get finished last month for Orktober. But still – done a little late is still done! The three on the left are from the 44202/3 range, while the rightmost Boy is the “interesting” trooper sculpt from the Space Ork Raiders box. The leftmost boy with the bionic(?) eye also seems to have a Kev Adams Goblin face, so I’m not sure what’s been going on there with Da Doks…

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Trooper, 44202/3 Space Orks, Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader, 1988, Kev Adams

Aside from that, these Boyz keep the desert/Blood Axe-y theme running. I tried to emulate a MARPAT-ish arid digital camo on two of their helmets this time. The Space Ork Raider Boy is also wearing a couple more scavenged armour pieces from our Sons of Dorn…

This leaves me two more to go from this batch of old-school Ork Boyz, and then an additional five for the “Paint 25 Orks by the end of the year” pact I have going with Wudugast….

WAAAAGH! Pt.22: Another three RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) (Orktober ’19)

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams, Rogue Trader. Oldhammer, 44202/3 Space Orks

Quick post today showing the last three of October’s models. Here’s the money shot upfront of all the Old-School Orcs done for Orctober. Not too shabby, I reckon. They’re also pretty fond of those Sons of Dorn, my Orks….

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams, Rogue Trader. Oldhammer

No ETA on any round-ups. The short version is the shed is a dumpster at the moment, with the table covered in spray cans, boxes and half-sprayed bits of scenery. The weather is alternating between Aussie-summer-hot and cold and shitty and stormy, and I’m as busy as fuck with work due to being in the final few weeks before the end of November when everything comes to a peak. My current downtime is a small amount of painting and a lot of videogames and a break from intense blogging. I’m also in a fitness challenge at the gym this month where the categories are losing overall weight/dropping body fat percentage/dropping visceral fat/gain of lean body mass and a couple of other categories. So that means extra workouts, which=more tired, can’t be arsed blogging, or getting around to cleaning up the shed, and then round and round we go.

RTB02 Space Ork Raiders Troopers (1988) Kev Adams, Rogue Trader. Oldhammer

So it’s not in a terrible way, but I just can’t be bothered blogging much right now. Some years I pretty much just drop off the face of the planet this time of year. I don’t want to dump the challenges – both for your motivation as well as my own – I still want to get my own models done, even if I don’t have the hours that it takes to spend on the blogs doing all the posting and admin. I’ll post when I can, but I’m not going to knock myself out over my hobby blog right now. 🙂

WAAAAGH! Pt.21: 44202/3 Space Orks (1988) (Orktober ’19)

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3 Space Orks (1988)

Still kickin’ it Rogue Trader-style today. I’ve got three of the Rogue Trader Orks that I started painting before, alognside and after the recent RTB02 Ork troopers. Allowing myself to finish this trio was my “reward” for wading through the troopers.

Oldhammer 40k, Rogue Trader 44202/3 Space Orks (1988)

As you can plainly see here, I’m still leaning pretty hard into the general Desert Camo/scavenged gear theme. I mean, given the shape of that shoulder pauldron, what choice did I have really than to paint it as one that had been scavenged and cut to be fit for a new purpose. Useful stuff, that Ceramite! At one point I was going to go into the DAK theme, given the sculpts on some of these early Orks, but it’s a bit on the nose for me in 2019. There might still be a palm tree with an Orky Skull underneath at some stage, but I don’t feel a need to emulate the uniforms – even when the models are basically wearing them, like Flamer (Burna?) Boy here. I’ve got a couple more RTB02 troopers finished, and a couple more to try and finish tonight to post alongside before we tick over into November. Wish me luck!