Adeptus Ministorum Priests: Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997) – Neglected February 2019

Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997)

This trio of models was completed in February, after a long, long time in the making. So long, in fact that I don’t precisely recall when they were started, though I do know that they were all started independently of one another, and it was only over the years that the three became a trio of models that I stored and considered together.

The first one of these models, on our left with the sword – is the second of my “proper” Preachers that I painted from the line that came out with the 2nd Edition Sisters of Battle Codex. The first was done years ago now, but I’m not sure where the model is, though improbably, the other model is still available new from GW. Possibly with some of my Imperial Guard, or more likely in one of the two missing figures cases that house a lot of my Blood Bowl and Necromunda figures. I’ll take some pics and post him up when I find him. This guy is the one that we’d always joke around and refer to as “Keith from The Prodigy”, because of his hairstyle. A bit grim in a way for me to have just finished him and have been listening a little to The Prodigy recently. 😦

Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997)

The second of these models – the shirtless fellow in the middle – is from the small range of metal Chaos Cultists released during 3rd Edition 40k in 1999. There were two Demagogues and six Cultists. I have a couple more of these, but I’m not sure if I got all of them. This guy is “Chaos Cultist 6”, but I felt like he wasn’t exceptionally Chaos-y, and with an appropriate paint job would fit in with the wider group of Redemptionists, who I had painted in similar schemes, along with my Preachers and even my WHFB Flagellants. This was to create a consistent visual theme between the models where you could see that the Redemptionists and even my Cawdor, who could sub for Ministorum Troops, PDF or Imperial Guard – as well as Necromunda Gangers (and, obviously, cultists of almost whatever was needed). This of course, is where the divergent styles of basing that I’m doing now in the twenty-teens creates a potential problem.

Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997)

The third of these preachers was originally a Necromunda Redemptionist model, specifically – Brethren with Stub Gun and Autopistol. As you can see, the Stub Gun was removed and replaced with a bell on a chain (from the plastic WHFB Zombie kit) and a bearded head from one of the Empire kits. Probably the kit that came packed in with Mordheim.

So that’s it. Though I am pretty pleased to have finally completed this trio of models that sat, part-finished and thoroughly Neglected for well over a decade and more!

37 thoughts on “Adeptus Ministorum Priests: Imperial Preacher 1 (1997), Chaos Cultist (1999), (converted) Redemptionist (1997) – Neglected February 2019

  1. Good stuff! I’ve got all three of those Preachers from the original Sororitas release as well. They were part of my IG Army, but I kept them around when I sold that off, because they’re just such great Models, I couldn’t give them up.

    I also find it interesting just how well that Chaos Cultist works as a Preacher. I’m planning on converting a bunch of the new Cawdor into Culties tho, so I guess it’s only reasonable that it goes both ways 😉

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    • Oh yeah, the Cawdor (old and new, both – and the Redemptionists to boot) fit perfectly as Cultists of the Imperial Creed, Chaos, The 4-Armed Emperor or anything else.
      Makes sense as they are basically just Imperial Cultists anyway!


  2. The flame motif is obviously grabbing a lot of attention here (for good reason), but the skin tone on that undoubtedly reformed and theologically correct former redemptionist is super awesome too.

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  3. Fantastic work, mate! The common colour scheme really transforms them into a coherent ensemble — and what a wonderful, slightly “retro ‘Eavy Metal” colour scheme it is! 🙂

    Also, seeing those Paul Muller chaos cultists always makes me feel a little stab of envy, because I didn’t get enough of them while they were available (and converted the ones I did have into Mordheim models).

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    • Thank you, KS. Yeah, I only got the 1 or 2 packs of those cultists, and now of course, I’d buy several more if I could easily do so.
      The basing is giving me nightmares, though – since the overall scheme is shared with my old school Cawdor and Redemptionists, but do I stick with dirty-tufty bases for 40k and the IG/Imperial Agents, or move them all to the newer style of Necro bases?


  4. Really sweet paintjobs, and I think the models hold up well even today! Too bad “Keith” is not on sale anymore, as I like him more than the other preacher.. Thanks for the SoL link, I wasn’t aware of it before. Cool reference material.

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  5. It’s an Adeptus Ministorum Dance Party!

    I have no idea what that means, just crept into my head…

    I join the chorus on the flames, came out very well indeed. It’s amazing the stuff you started and squirreled away just to give us eye candy in the 21st Century!

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    • Dunno, but it looks the part anyway!
      There are a lot more flames to come – aside from the Legion of the Damned guys I just put up, there are a lot more where they came from, not to mention that I found the case with my original Cawdor Gang in it. What are Cawdor, you ask? You’ll see soon enough, but they come with more flames…


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