Board Game in a Week: Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth Survivors - Billy, Sally, Jenny, Johnny

Since we completed the first two of the D&D Adventure board games (Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon) recently, as well as all of the extra DLC missions for the two, it was time for something a little different. We got out Last Night on Earth and once it was open, I had a look at the models, and decided that since they’re pretty simple, I could probably paint them all in a weekend. Well, it took a week rather than a weekend, but I did complete the entire set. Our first four survivors are Billy, The Sheriff’s Son; Sally, High School Sweetheart; Jenny, The Farmer’s Daughter and Johnny, High School Quarterback. I used the photo-artwork of them on their character cards and in the rulebook as painting guides, though I changed the design on Billy’s t-shirt to something that had a chance of reading visually on such a small surface.

Last Night on Earth Survivors - Billy, Sally, Jenny, Johnny

Sally got a bright red fire axe, since that seemed appropriate for the sort of axe that a high school student could reasonably get their hands on. Johnny was just blue tones for his denim and letter jacket, though I lightened his hair a little from the black in the artwork, since the lighter brown/blond tones offset the blues more effectively. I attempoted to add some grain to the baseball bat as well, though it’s a little hard to tell. I also painted Jenny with light brown/dark blonde hair similar to actress Catherine Bach, rather than the golden blonde hair she’s pictures as having since she seems to effectively be Daisy Duke. The Dukes of Hazzard were a little before my time in terms of watching or caring. It was sometimes on TV, but I was too young to care about the hot girl, and wasn’t really into cars – so even when it was on, I didn’t really pay attention or watch it, but I’ve got enough cultural awareness to see a Not-Daisy Duke figure when it’s in front of me (and I have to paint it!)

Last Night on Earth Survivors - Father Joseph, Becky, Sheriff Anderson, Jake Cartwright

The second batch of survivors are: Father Joseph, Man of the Cloth; Becky, The Nurse; Sheriff Anderson, Small Town LawMan and Jake Cartwright, The Drifter. Once again I used the character artwork as my general guide, though there’s not a lot on them, really. I attempted some subtle OSL on Father Joseph, due to the flaming brand in his hand. It’s not amazing, but turned out alright – and certainly good enough for a board game model. Becky gained some forearm tattoos that you can’t really see in these photos and was my first ever attempt at painting stockings (and garter straps) as for me the “Sexy Nurse” look borne by the particular outfit that they chose to put Becky in really goes to one place….

That of course being Janine Lindemulder from the cover of Blink-182‘s seminal Enema of the State album, and the video for What’s My Age Again? (linked below!) All the painted depictions of Becky showed her with long, bare legs (and the stockings aren’t sculpted at all, or even implied), but since Janine wore stockinge in the Blink video and album photos…

Last Night on Earth Survivors - Father Joseph, Becky, Sheriff Anderson, Jake Cartwright

Sherriff Anderson‘s outfit colours was inspired by some google image searches for Sheriff’s uniforms, and so he got the pinstripe on his legs, and the tiny star insignia freehanded on his jacket shoulders. Jake was pretty easy in comparison, basically just being scruffy and earthy!

Last Night on Earth Brown Zombies

As well as the 8 survivors, the game features two sets of seven zombies – “brown” and “green” – so if you have two Zombie players, they can tell their own zombies apart from one another.

Last Night on Earth Green Zombies

So I painted each set in their own palette to distinguish them from one another..

Last Night On Earth Board Game Miniatures Painted

And finally here’s the full set of models from Last Night on Earth – painted in a week, rather than a weekend – but time well spent, I think. Now we just need to play the actual game a little more – though this cohort of painted models also opens up the door up to playing a few other games as well…

Last Night on Earth Red Zombies

As a first little bonus, I fllowed up by painting the “red zombies” set from the Growing Hunger expansion. They also took a week. Unfortnately, there are now even more survivors to get painted up…

As a final bonus, here’s a musical interlude for you. In the spirit of TIM and his frequent musical links, and Becky the Janine up above, here’s some late 1990’s pop-punk for you all. Enjoy!