Zombicide Survivors “Benny” (Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross from The Expendables) & “Neema”

Zombicide Survivors “Benny” (Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross from The Expendibles) & "Neema"

Another pair of Zombicide survivors again today – the first being a pretty obvious take on Sylvester’s Barney from the Expendables as well as an original Survivor from the Toxic City Mall boxed set.

Zombicide Survivor “Benny” (Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross from The Expendibles)

Barney (or Benny? nah!) was both a tricky model and an easy one to paint, given that his outfit is made up of several shades of black.

Zombicide Survivor “Benny” (Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross from The Expendibles)

I did like doing the weapons, though – the AA-12 was fun and yes, I do have a hammer that looks like that. I think it works well as a weapon in these games as a more plain hammer would stand out a lot less.

Zombicide Survivor "Neema"

Neema was a pretty fun model to paint. Her pose, her curves and the folds in her clothes leant themselves to an enjoyable painting experience that was complete before it had a chance to get old.

Zombicide Survivor "Neema"

That’s the thing that came to pass on this run of Zombicide models, really – while needing to essentially paint these models in almost-identical pairs, it was an enjoyable experience to be able to just pluck and paint different models with their own palette on what became a daily basis. I started with four (two pair) to paint with the models I’ve just shown in my previous two posts. After awhile, and starting with these two – once I sat down to paint, I’d complete the pair that I started the previous day/night, and then after completion, I’d choose a new pair to get started on – then complete that Survivor/Zombvivor and choose a new one to start on – and so on and on…

21 thoughts on “Zombicide Survivors “Benny” (Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross from The Expendables) & “Neema”

  1. Great work on both sets mate, the yellow hammer is striking and totally agree a normal colour hammer would be lost in the colour scheme. Awesome skin tone on Neema

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  2. These both look great and I agree with Dave above that Neema’s skin tone came out very well indeed. Its great to hear that these are fun to paint as it is certainly fun to see the finished products!

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    • Cheers Kuribo. Half-dressed annoyances aside, it was a fun run burning through a big bunch of Zombicide models. Not much painting done since I got sick unfortunately, and I’ve been spending a lot of my “well” time just cleaning up around the house…

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    • Haha thanks mate. We’re planning on getting back into playing Zombicide again shortly. We started a mega-campaign of all the 1st edition content before moving onto 2nd edition, but it’s been paused for several months now…


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