Red Box Games – Size Comparisons with GW Lord of the Rings figures.

Yesterday I eagerly received my order of minis from Tre’ Manor aka Red Box Games. He’s done a lot of work for Reaper Miniatures in the past. Some of my GW links may be mangled or die soon as GW is in the process of changing their metal stuff to Finecast with many items seemingly discontinued.

Red Box Games Halfling Ollander, Citadel Lord of the Rings Hobbit Frodo

Ollander and Frodo

Ollander Elsewhetherornot of Mootshire from RBG with Frodo Baggins from GW. Ollander is noticably shorter than Mr Frodo, but still fits in well as a Hobbit, especially when you take into account that not all humans are the same height in real life.

Red Box Games Dwarf Brynjar Gunnar, Citadel Lord of the Rings Khazad Guard

Brynjar Gunnar and a Khazad Guard

Brynjar Gunnar from RBG and a Khazad Guard from GW. As can be seen, the sizes are 100% compatible. Oddly this Khazad Guard doesn’t seem to be available from GW at the moment…

Red Box Games Dwarves Hostrum Hammersmite, Gunnar, Citadel Lord of the Rings Khazad Guard

Hostrum Hammersmite, Gunnar and Khazad Guard

Another shot showing Dwarf with Dvergr. Hostrum Hammersmite is added here, who I’ll use as a Dwarf King or General type figure. I’d have compared with one of my GW Dwarf Kings as well, but they’re packed away in a box. Somewhere. Very happy with the RBG Dvergr/Dwarfs – I picked up almost a dozen of the various figures to mix in with my GW ones and add some nice personality to the force.

Red Box Games Norse Fearless Hvitarnor, Citadel Lord of the Rings Boromir

Fearless Hvitarnor and Boromir

Fearless Hvitarnor from RBG and Boromir from GW. I picked up a couple of the Norse-themed Njorn range, somewhat to use as Dunlendings. Again, my Dunlendings are …somewhere, so Boromir gets size comparison duty. I purchased Hvitarnor because he reminded me of Conan, right down to the pose, facial expression and helmet.

Red Box Games Astrid, Yrsa, Citadel Lord of the Rings Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Astrid, Eowyn and Yrsa

I decided to use a female figure from GW’s LotR range to compare with the RBG ones. Here’s Eowyn in the middle, with RBG’s Astrid of the Stones on our left and Yrsa the Accursed from the HelsVakt range on the right. I bought these two mostly because they’re good looking figures, though perhaps they could both be used in friendly games using the rules and stats from one of the Stormcaller or Shaman characters.

Red Box Games Elf Christia the Chaste, Citadel Lord of the Rings Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Christia the Chaste and Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Christia the Chaste from RBG’s Aelfar (Elves) range along Eowyn again. I really liked the Aelfar figures, so just as I bought a big bunch of the Dvergr, I did the same with the Aelfar.

Red Box Games Yvander, Edele, Citadel Lord of the Rings Legolas

Yvander, Legolas and Edele

A few more Aelfar. Yvander Halfblood from RBG, Legolas from GW (seems this one is discontinued) and Edele of Aelheim from RBG. No prizes for guessing where these guys would be used.

Red Box Games Halfblood Sverreulf the Red-Handed, Citadel Lord of the Rings Uruk Captain, Gothmog

Uruk Captain, Sverreulf the Red-Handed and Gothmog

Uruk-Hai Captain from GW,  Sverreulf the Red-Handed from RBG and Gothmog from GW. RBG’s Halfblood range is interesting. When browsing it, this guy stood out to me as a figure that would make an effective Orc Captain, especially amongst the non-uniform plastic orcs. Again this Gothmog figure appears to be discontinued, though since it’s the same figure as was widely available with the Battle for Middle Earth magazines, I don’t see a shortage of this figure happening anytime soon.

That’s it for tonight. I picked up a bunch of other RBG figures at the same time as these, but these pics should give anyone interested in using these figures alongside the GW LotR ones for any kind of Middle-Earth miniatures of Role-Playing games (MERP!) a good idea of what would work.

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