Technical Difficulties….

It never rains, but it pours.

Aside from a bunch of rather nasty family health stuff that I haven’t been writing about here, and getting pretty bloody sick myself (possibly the flu?) and only recovering a week ago, though I still have some niggling issues. My trusty Logitech G500 mouse also died last week after many years of service while I was getting stuck into the repair of my site from the Photobucketpocalypse (paying for WordPress, and moving forum post images to Imgur) and doing my best to keep updating with new content.

So then my main “work” hard drive started to die.

Not my C drive at least, but the one with all of our photos, all of my MP3 files, my Steam & GoG installs, my Humble downloads. Oh, and all of my wargaming and hobby files collected over the last decade or so, as well as my Blog photos for this thing – including all of my archived photos that I was using to rebuild the blog.

I was lucky enough to notice early, since my music the other morning was acting oddly, even after a reboot – and the photos I was working on (cropping and resizing) for the update for a couple of days ago weren’t really saving properly.

The good news is that I do back my stuff up. The bad news is that I do so when I remember, so the last time the gaming and music and photo files were backed up was in 2014 and 2015. I hadn’t realised it was so long ago. So 2 new HDDs later, and I’m in the process of backing my stuff up to the new External drive, and once that’s done, I’ll install the new internal and copy everything across to that as well. Then I can start chasing the dead/unreadable files down (which I’m logging as I go), and doing simple things like getting Steam to check/repair various software installs.

Since I also have to go to work, I see this taking (at least) a week. I’m also typing this on Marouda’s machine since I don’t want to do ANYTHING else but back up files on my own machine. No other apps or programs to distract it from the most important task at hand.

So I’ll still be reading when I can, but I won’t be posting until (my computer at least) is back to normal.

Unless we end up with a bunch of Project-Log WIP posts with photos taken from my phone…?

See you in the comments!


18 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties….

    • Well, I’m on the way back now, so hopefully the more important person has a full recovery. The thing is that I can fix a computer, but not a person, so you simply do what you can…

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  1. Health is always the most important thing, a speedy recovery.
    Then, computers… yeah. And the “Photobucketapocalypse” sure didn’t help much, I still can’t believe who was the mastermind behind this decision.

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    • Yeah, though my powers are limited to fixing computers and not people. Photobucket will probably be out of business in a year, so it’s a matter of rebuilding my stuff ASAP so it’s not lost, and I guess archiving some of other people’s inspirational work.


  2. Shit dude, I trust you are going to turn that mouse into a hover-car! Seriously though, I hope you & yours is and/or gets well soon, and that you get all you technical stuff sorted. Sounds like you are having a rough time of it mate, & I’m sending my best wishes.

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    • Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂 Computer seems fine. I only lost a few files (5!) because I realised what was happening early, and I managed to recover a couple of those from older backups. Steam folder got hammered, but that’s easy since you can just redownload that stuff.

      I may well see if I can turn the mouse into a hovercar. It’s not a symmetrical mouse, so I’ll have to see what I can do…

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    • Thanks mate. As soon as one thing is put down another comes up sometimes, and this has been one of the worst ones in my life to date – with only a couple of deaths having been worse.


  3. Sorry to hear, I had some heath issues this year too. The beginning of the year was not good for me. But was doing good until this weekend, I pulled my back. Not connected to what was bothering me earlier in the year. I won an old jewelry display case and was moving stuff in the garage to make some room for it. It is better now, I have to be more careful. Take Care for now, feel better.

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