Aethiopian Pegasi – or Winged Unicorn.

Another Blast From the Past!
I’ve been slowly working my way through and fixing up posts that Photobuckey Phucked, in a combo of working backwards and picking the ones off the “Top Posts” sidebar (because it means people have tried to look at them but they’ve been broken), and I’ve noticed some of them are
a) Still pretty cool.
b) More than 5 years old – so most people who follow the blog now won’t have ever seen them.

So based on that, and the positive reception to the Noise Marine Champion I (re)posted some pics of back in March, I’ll be doing a bit of reblogging of old stuff, on “off” days when I wouldn’t have had any new content anyway.

So here we go…

Azazel's Bitz Box.

While trying to find the proper name for this thing, I found a link that describes it as an ancient Greek beast, which makes some sense. Regardless, this miniature is an old Grenadier Miniatures figure, that luckily remains in availability via Mirliton these days. I’m not sure who the sculptor is, as I can’t find that info anywhere. I painted this figure as a gift to my wife, and according to the message I painted on the base, I finished it on 17th Nov, 1996. Nothing like that to make me feel old!

Grenadier Miniatures Mirilton Winged Unicorn Aethiopian Pegasi

Grenadier Miniatures Mirilton Winged Unicorn Aethiopian Pegasi

Grenadier Miniatures Mirilton Winged Unicorn Aethiopian Pegasi

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7 thoughts on “Aethiopian Pegasi – or Winged Unicorn.

  1. No matter how it is called, that is some awesome work on those wings. I intend to paint a Griffon soon and this will serve me well as inspiration. The off-white body is also nicely painted with subtle highlights. Did you use a pale blue for the shadows?

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