Vikings, Sjau!

This is the final post of my first “book” of Vikings – those given to me in bare-lead form by Mr. Cannon from work, who has just taken on another job and somehow managed to duck both a planned painting day and a series of SAGA (and possibly Frostgrave) encounters (admittedly, due to some family health issues on my end). I’ll catch up with him again, but it might not be until September.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Gripping Beast SV01b Viking Warlord, Eureka Miniatures, 28mm Vikings

Anyway, I thought a group shot was apt to cap off the collection that he generously gave to me (forced me to take them, actually!) I’m thankful though, as I’ve enjoyed painting them and have now gotten into my own collection of metal Vikings that may have otherwise just sat around forever in the leadpile. I say may. Let’s be real. They would have.

The next Vikings to be shown will be “my” Vikings, as I wanted to completely finish all of the ones given to me first, out of respect for the gesture.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Gripping Beast SV01b Viking Warlord, Eureka Miniatures, 28mm Vikings

I also got a new Samsung phone, so I’m trying to work out if the camera on my phone is better for this miniature photography gig than my Nikon. It seems a little grainier, but with better overall focus. I’ll probably have some dual-photos in the next few posts as I clue it out and see how they look online and what others think…

20 thoughts on “Vikings, Sjau!

    • Thanks Matt. I’ll have to get back to them soon. I still have 5 left from the “Paint the WF Perry Vikings in a weekend” mini-project I started a couple of months ago. Maybe I’ll try and get them done this weekend. Bloody Space Marines standing in the way!

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  2. Excellent work all around. The shield designs add even more awesome to this splendid group. I think I would not get to gaming facing them, as I would pick each one up (at the base naturally), look at all the brush work and only then set up.

    I also like your henge. As it happens I am working on some plain ones and a rune stone variation at the moment. I also intend to have a third version resembling the standing stones found at Gobekli Tepe complete with animal reliefs.

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    • Thank you. Having the shields (and to a lesser extent) the models painted individually and continuing to give them interesting designs is what both makes them take much longer as a group than something like the Spartans I painted, but also keeps me interested longer-term, unlike the Spartans I painted. At the moment, I seem to have misplaced a good chunk of my WF Shieldmaidens, some of whom were to be a nice little respite from the hairy fellas when I start the next batch (as opposed to finish the two batches on the go).

      I’ll be keen to see your runestones and henge. They seem the sort of thing that are well within my scenery-creating skill level, especially if I have some nice pics of finished work to crib inspiration and ideas from… 😉

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