Another Trio of Citadel WHFB Dwarven Giant Slayers (1993-4)

Another trio of early-90’s Slayers today. Not a lot to write about these guys as we’ve seen others of their ilk before quite a few times by now. These three have been painted with paler, more faded – slightly pastel even rather than “natural” – hair.

A couple of different tones of blue for the stripey trousers, but both wearing the traditional style. Once again, I think the tattoos turned out well.

I really need to get the final batch of these guys stripped so I can start painting them. I’ve still got the commanders to complete, as well as a small selection of LE figures from Citadel and metals from other sources like AoW and Mantic. And then there’s the plastics. And the Fyreslayers…

20 thoughts on “Another Trio of Citadel WHFB Dwarven Giant Slayers (1993-4)

  1. Makes me wonder if anyone else ever got chance to buy any Slayers in Aus – Looks like you bought them ALL!
    Great work, particularly love the striped pants and tattoos on these.

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    • Thanks Ann. I’ll have to get back to these guys sometime. I did a little bit of stripey pants on a hornblower earlier today, but he’s not close to being worked on seriously let alone finished…

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      • I liked the stripy pants too, come to think of it. They game them kind of a Gallic flair; sort of reminds me of Asterix the Gaul. 🙂


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