Vikings, þrettán! Viking Book Two Complete

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

Finally, I’ve finished these metal Viking models. These are the final five of my Perry-sculpted Wargames Foundry rebadged 1986 Citadel F8 Vikings. This little group  also completes “Book Two” of my Vikings. “Book One” can be found here. They were intended to be the last of the models I completed for Squad: March, but it didn’t work out that way. Because Shields.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

The last time I finished any of these Perry/GW/Foundry Vikings was actually last August, so these guys have been siting around partly done for a bloody good while there – so these monthly challenges are definitely working for me in terms of helping to motivate me to finish off stuff that’s been sitting around.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

The “money shot” for my Vikings – the freehand shields.

Unfortunately, getting sick for over a week with this throat -> chest infection really messed up my painting plans for last month, and now I’m just tired and grumpy all the time as I work my way through the endless cough that it left me with.

Wargames Foundry Vikings, Michael and Alan Perry Vikings, Citadel F8 Vikings

“Book Two” of my Vikings, finally completed!

I’ll get some larger group shots of my Vikings done soonish. For now, enjoy the “Book Two Complete” shot, and I’ll get a full-group shot of all of them together at some point in the near future. I’ve selected the models for “Book Three”, and so far I’ve cleaned up the metal castings, primed and based them. Now they just need to be painted. 😡

25 thoughts on “Vikings, þrettán! Viking Book Two Complete

    • The plastics are fine for rank & file, and for kitbashing characters, but these models are clearly more character-ful. Once I finish the metal and get onto the plastic, these guys will all be the leaders of the plastics, as well as the elites.

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  1. Those shields look great, and the freehand is daunting….but I think your metal work is really what makes these minis. I love the wood on the underside of the shields as well. Excellent stuff and glad you were able to get these done, despite feeling under the weather.

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    • Thanks mate. I keep forgetting to do a simple photo-tutorial on my metal. I have done very (very!) little painting this month, but rest assured that it’s on the list!
      On the wood – thanks there as well. If it’s going to be seen, you may as well put at least a little bit of effort into it, I reckon.

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  2. These are gorgeous. You’ve done a great job on the shields, I love the knotwork. You’ve exectued the designs perfectly between complex enough to look real and bold enough to be seen at a distance on the tabletop.

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    • Thanks Curis! I know that transfers (especially those LBM ones) will always be able to have more and finer details, but for these figures – at least the metals – I take more satisfaction from doing the designs by hand.


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