Vikings, Fimtán!

Wargames Foundry Viking Berserkers

Once again a considerable amount of time has passed since I finished off any of my Viking models, but in May I ended up starting to pick up the odd random model (or small set of models) from my painting desk to get them completed and off the desk. Having a group of seven Viking Berserkers there staring at me meant that they were amongst the models that I decided needed to be whittled down a little.

Wargames Foundry Viking Berserkers
As I often do, I went for the path of least resistance and the models that would be completed more quickly, so these three got completed while the leader with his fancier gear, and the guy who maybe should-maybe should not have a shield got part-done, and the two standard bearers that need me to DIY their banner poles and pennants never made it off the little desk-shelf.
Nothing really notable here in terms of paint. Grey wolves for the lads, while the hornblower got slightly fancier pants (by virtue of wearing pants) and a bearskin instead of a wolfskin – which is defined by the individual sculpt. I checked, and the internet told me that Scandinavian bears tend to be of the Brown variety, which then gave me my colour choice. The varnish seems to have flattened his bearskin’s highlights out a bit, but I’m sure it’ll be fine on the table.
I may or may not get that other pair done in Neglected June, otherwise it may well be 2020 by the time the next couple of Vikings are done, at my current rate! (I like to have a few on the go at all times, so I have something different to dip in and out of – the drawback to that is when I’m not feeling a model or a set of models, it can take forever to get them done, as I’m finding with this latter half of the berserkers…)

23 thoughts on “Vikings, Fimtán!

    • Thanks mate – still awhile yet before all of the metals are done (without taking the plastics into account at all) but once I finish these last four berserkers, I should do another group shot!

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    • It’s much easier to buy models than to paint them + it’s much easier to get enthusiastic and start models than to knuckle down and finish them = unlimited neglected models!

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