Captain Redbeard’s Pirate Dwarves: RPE Kickstarter (#3)

I don’t often pimp Kickstarters on this blog, but I’m happy to make an exception for this one. It’s RPE’s (Ral Partha Europe) s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d̶ third Kickstarter, and like the first one, they’re keeping the scope quite small. A 14-day campaign with a £1,000 goal, with £775 pledged so far at the time of my writing, so success is pretty much a given at this stage. 

It’s a crew of pirate dwarves which fits perfectly well into a little project I’ve got lined up for the future. 9 models so far, with freebie stretch goals at £2,000 and £3,000, and (possibly) more if it gets higher. Delivery is set for August this year, so a plan for (roughly) a 4-month turnaround from completion to delivery.

RPE Dwarf Veterans, from the previous KS Campaign

I personally had a good experience with their previous campaign, the Dwarf Veteran Warband, with it delivering on time(!) and producing quality models – the sculpts being a nice throwback to the characterful “Oldhammer” Citadel style of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and that of the satellite companies where ex-GW sculptors like Kev Adams and Tim Prow ended up.

Having said that, delivery was a little rougher for some others who backed as they had it set up for a la carte additions and such which they have said complicated matters on their end. To stop that from happening again, they’re making each pledge reward a set group of models – 1 of each without add-ons and duplicates and so forth.

So if piratical dwarves seems like the sort of thing that floats your boat, go and have a look at the Kickstarter campaign.

Tomorrow: Back to painted miniatures!

RPE/Ral Partha Europe Launches Dwarf Kickstarter

I rarely pimp Kickstarters. I’ve done it for three counting this one – Impact Miniatures’ not-Blood Bowl campaign (delivered, but a year late). Shieldwolf’s Shieldmaiden campaign (cancelled, and currently relaunched with 5 days to go. And now this one. Simply because I like what they’re doing:

It’s the kind of small-scale, low-risk KS I’m still happy to back. RPE do their own casting, they’re a solvent business who I’ve bought from before and the first five models are already done. Most importantly, I like the models, as I’ve always had a soft sport for Dwarfs, and these are in the overall Citadel style that I like. I need to grab some of the Kev Adams Dwarves from their webstore sometime, too…

RPE’s Kickstarter Dwarfs

Our aim is to produce a warband of 10 dwarves in 28mm scale. They will be sculpted in epoxy putty, moulded in black rubber and cast in metal – miniatures the old school way!

Picture the proud dwarf king in exile, forced from his mountain stronghold. Leading a band of grizzled veterans, they hire their services out, biding their time and amassing gold and followers until the day they can reclaim their homeland. You know the story, it’s the classic excuse to get a dwarf warband together, though this one needs no hobbit or human help and comes complete with its’ own dwarf wizard. Perfect for dungeon bashing and skirmish games, or with the possibility of adding duplicates to your pledge you could even build a small army.

The first 5 sculpts pictured above have been mastered already, the next five will be based on these and will provide another spearman, swordsman, axeman and a pair of crossbowmen. The next sculpts are already in progress and pictures will be added as soon as we have them.
They measure approx 20mm tall and scale well with other miniatures.
Designed and sculpted for us by the talented hands of Mark Evans.

These are the different pledge levels, only the Flagon of Ale level and above qualify for the free assassin dwarf.

1 dwarf of your choice £4 posted add £2 outside UK Wee Dram
1 dwarf king £5 posted add £2 outside UK Half Pint
5 dwarves £14 posted add £2 outside UK Pint
10 dwarves £22 posted add £3 outside UK Early Bird Flagon of Ale
10 dwarves £25 posted add £3 outside UK Flagon of Ale

Army deal- king, wizard, 5 spears, 5 axes, 5 swords, 5 crossbows total 22 +freebies £45 posted add £3 outside UK  Early Bird Pewter Tankard 

Army deal- king, wizard, 5 spears, 5 axes, 5 swords, 5 crossbows total 22 +freebies £50 posted add £3 outside UK  Pewter Tankard

All pledges can add extra miniatures from the list below, each mini has a letter for ease of selection, simply increase your pledged amount by £2.50 for each additional dwarf you want. When we contact you after the kickstarter you can use these letter codes to easily confirm additions.
Any miniatures or extras unlocked – will be added to this list.