Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge)

Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains

Ann is running another hobby challenge this month, the aptly-named “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” challenge. (thanks, Ann!)

Works for me, and so the rather broad topic combined nicely with the annoyance I’d been feeling at seeing these bloody things on the corner of my painting desk for the past 4 months since I saw them on Amazon and added them to an order of other crap I was making. The sticking point, aside from my break from painting was needing to paint in all of the are in between the bars. On four of them. They ended up being the second (and third, forth and fifth) models I painted this year – after the dwarf and before the goblin. But all in April, so I’m counting ’em.

Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains

The painting process was several shades of metal, some washing of a mix of black and brown Vallejo Model Wash (thanks Dave!) and then some rust washes, followed and finished off by a rusty drybrush inspired by Wudugast’s War Cry scenery (thanks Wudu!) The chains are part of the kits, but were painted last year in December. They were probably the very last things I got done in 2019, actually. So while they don’t count for this challenge, they’re still part of the kit.

Not too bad at all efforts by Wizkids/NECA/Hasbro/WotC/TSR/etc. Inexpensive, and much, much nicer than Reaper’s Bones to paint and work with – and better than the Kegs I painted up last year as well. I’d definately consider buying more stuff in their lines.

37 thoughts on “Wizkids Deep Cuts Miniatures Cage & Chains (“Paint the Crap You Already Own!” April 2020 Challenge)

  1. Nice work (I always seem to start like that, but then it always is really nice work!.

    Never seen those cages before but they are such useful items and would fit into so many different genres! Horror, Sci/fi, Fantasy even some historical settings

    “Marquis De Sade” anyone? or “Man in the Iron Mask””.

    Cheers Roger.

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    • Thanks Roger. I have a habit of grabbing stuff like this when I see it, without any particular rhyme or reason more than “that would be easy tp paint, and I can use it in whatever”. So you’re certainly right on the money!

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  2. Thanks for this post, and very well done too. I’d considered building a cage from matchsticks last year and I’m thankful I never did. I’ll go looking for those now – I’d like one rusty and one shiny! The painting tips you include are also valuable.

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    • Yeah, I should have taken a photo like that – the trouble I had was finding a model without weapons that would fit in there since so many GW models are waving their arms about!


  3. The cages look ace, mate, as is mentioned above, they’re look pretty versatile in their use – would it be easy enough to put one together with part of it open, or even so it can be opened and closed?
    The Wizkid pre-primed range looks pretty good, which when compared to the quality of some of their games components is quite a surprise!

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    • They don’t actually have doors, so you’d have to cut and reposition, maybe add a “lock” panel with a square of (plastic?) card and/or hinges with a bit of rod. Making one with an openable door would be doable, but too much work for me. It’d be easier to just buy two and adjust.
      These wizkids models are done in conjunction with NECA, who have been doing high-detail display “action” figures for years, so there’s clearly the expertise there. They’re also obviously going after Reaper’s lunch – the Bones line specifically…

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      • Thanks for that.
        Yeah, too much trouble for me too, but I like the idea!
        I’ll have to take a closer look at their miniatures, I could do with building up my choice of D&D figures and they look pretty good.

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    • Thanks, Wudu. I’m hoping to get to my own WarCry stuff still. Though I do realistically need to finish a whole bunch of the half-painted/neglected crap on my desk before I paint any new shinies. :/

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      • Well so long as you’re enjoying it and not making a chore out of it, you know what happened last time 😉 It’s good to have a bit of self-discipline (god knows I could use a bit more!) but it’s important to enjoy it too, hobbies are for relaxing and right now we all need that more than ever 🙂

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      • Oh, definately. Not running the challenges is actually a bit of a load off – right now with Ann running a couple I can just fit stuff into hers, (sadly, I missed Fembruary) but I’ll keep an eye out for others. I was actually thinking that a bunch of us could run a couple each year. Share the themes and all that…

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  4. Ooh, I’m really glad you painted these. While I don’t know how much I like the chains sculpt (looks like the details could be a bit sharper), the cage looks perfect for Fallout which I’m painting up now. I’m going to track down a couple of these as I need to get some good post-apocalyptic terrain and those look like the kind of thing super mutants and raiders would have lying around! You did really well painting these up as always too!

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  5. Great work man! Yea, I’m really liking the WizKids stuff I’ve picked up recently. I’ve had some with bits of flash/mold lines on the pre-primed figure which kind of defeats the purpose, but otherwise it’s nice to just start painting right out of the box.

    The kids and I just played Wrath of Ashardalon this weekend, and I think I recall seeing a counter for a cage trap. Would be really cool to use a painted mini instead, will have to investigate.

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    • Oh now that’s a use for them as well then. I just finished the last of my Ravenloft monsters (post up tomorrow) and I’ve done a good number of my Ashardalon ones as well. I’ve been thinking about busting those D&D board games out again, was just waiting on a new heater for the War Room (that arrived today).

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