Iron Warriors Plague Marine Rhino APC (MechaNovember ’19)

001001 Citadel Rhino Plague Marines Iron Warriors

Yeah, MechaNovember. Last Year. I did say I had some backlog to post up, didn’t I? This is an original Rhino kit from WAY back in 1989 that had been through at least one rebuilding, and a lot of abuse until I decided to rehabilitate it as a Plague Marine Rhino back in the mid-oughts. It’s been through at least two partial repaints since then but never managed to get to the finish line until the end of last year when I managed to managed to use the momentum off the back of completing that Flesh Tearers Razorback to get to the “just fucking finish it” mentality on this Rhino kit.

001001 Citadel Rhino Plague Marines Iron Warriors

As a kit that had been built and rebuilt a few times, not to mention copping a fair bit of converting, it’s got a lot of parts from random kits such as cut down (original) Necromunda Bulkheads replacing the original side hatches, plasticard on various parts of the hull, corrugated card in a few spots, a huge strap-on …barrel from some Verlinden aftermarket armour kit on the rear, an undead shield, GorkaMorka dozer blade, (metal) Chaos Terminator trophy racks, a chopped-in-half Plague Marine from the mid-90’s as a crewman rocking a pair of twin-linked linked (Ork) Bolters from the late 2nd edition era as well as a Puppetswar Shoulder pad and an Anvil Industries opposite pauldron and backpack for that slightly cut down vehicle crewman look.

001001 Citadel Rhino Plague Marines Iron Warriors

The wooden parts were used to give a consistency between that particular line of Plague Marines that had a lot of wooden furniture on their weapons. The door on the front as well as the top hatches came from some random plastic model kit, while the front hull panel was from a metal Warhammer Siege palisade that I got, damaged in some purchase or trade. Finally, the Nurgle Icon is from an Icon Bearer model, while the Iron Wariors Icon is etched brass – and I added a friendly nod to the Imperial Fists in the form of a Primaris helmet on a wooden mount.

001001 Citadel Rhino Plague Marines Iron Warriors


I tossed up whether to go with hazard stripes, as I typically would for Iron Warriors but decided in the end not to add them, letting the rusty iron and reddish wood tones play to both the Iron Warirors Legion as well as to the copper armour of those Legionaires that had decided to follow the path of the Plague Cult. I wanted the vehicle to both fit in with and stand apart from my other Iron Warriors vehicles.

001001 Citadel Rhino Plague Marines Iron Warriors

Finally a shot of the Rhino alongside some of the Iron Warriors Plague Marines that will be riding this thing into battle.

40 thoughts on “Iron Warriors Plague Marine Rhino APC (MechaNovember ’19)

  1. Wow, what a great Rhino. I love how everything is cobbled together out of various kits but it all works. Do you remember where the wooden bits came from? I never would have thought to put those on there myself, but you are right, Nurgle does seem to like to use a lot of wood and even if this isn’t Nurgle it still works. I also like how one corner of the APC isn’t glued down, like perhaps it suffered a hit or perhaps it was somewhat infected by Nurgle at one point and then reclaimed by the Iron Warriors through their extreme, vile but effective methods (only topped by the Death Guard in their pre-Heresy days?). I wonder if some extra attention at rusting or otherwise weather that one section might not be in order if you ever revisit this “just fucking finish it” model again?

    I like the idea of a vehicle not just having a history (and thus show in the model) of being warped/repurposed/cobbled together/whatever from the Imperium through to rag tag Chaos bands, but also being passed through different Chaos groups with it still sporting various marks and bits of heraldry.

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    • Thanks Ann. It’s in use by the Plague Marines within the Iron Warriors. In one of the books from the late 90’s or early 2000’s there were some stories about an IW called Honsou, where the IW’s used Khorne Berserkers within their ranks. The IW leadership didn’t think much of them as they were weak and had fallen to the worship of Chaos – so that’s pretty much how I treat the cult forces within my IW force. They’re tolerated, and left to do their own thing as long as they (largely) follow the greater IW force’s orders.
      I wouldn’t want to weather that section in the typical (rusty) manner, but perhaps some darkening or bluing of the steel could be in order – though in hand it’s a more subtle detail that takes people who have seen it by surprise (hey, hang on, your tank’s got a hole in it? what?) which I’ve kinda enjoyed.
      My next MechaNovember latecomer that I’ll get posted in a few days is very much something that was warped, repurposed and then cobbled together, so I hope you enjoy it as much as you did this one. 😀

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  2. That’s one fine looking piece of machinery. If I was still painting Necromunda stuff, I’d be looking at this example pretty heavily. Would be a great Mad Max/Post-Apoc piece. Sweet work man, glad you were able to get it past it’s last stages and share with all of us!

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      • That just means I won’t be stealing the show!

        Yea, just got fed up with the rules. Maybe someday though or if I find a copy of alternate rules that I like just fine.

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      • There are lots of sci-fi skirmish-type rules out there. I’m possibly not the best guy to recommend one right now as I’m even more out of touch with tabletop gaming than usual. Having said that, I have both Rogue Stars and Black Ops that I purchased after seeing positive reviews – both are inexpensive, minis-agnostic rulsets from Osprey so they’d be a pair to look into. 🙂


  3. Amazing work, I love it. The add-ons like the barrel and wooden planks are ace touches- I was going to ask if the front panel was from one of the Orc (Ork?) kits from Warhammer Fantasy, think I got one myself instead an Ork bits lucky bag a few years back.

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  4. Wow, you always do a great job with tanks but I love the personality of this model. I think it is because we aren’t used to seeing anything Chaos look cobbled together but the effect here really works well. Of course, the painting is really nice and the wood is especially vibrant and well-done. Very cool and inspiring work, mate! Another example of you making me want to paint something I have no business or time to do 🙂

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  5. Great work, Azazel. The cobbled together look is spot on, especially the corrugated and wooden additions, and that big red strap on… barrel!
    It really looks like it’s been through the wars and someone has been busy with the BDR (Battle Damage Repair).

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    • Cheers mate. Glad you like it, and Im glad that the cobbled together look works well without it looking too much like I just glued a bunch of random crap to half a rhino kit. Especially since it IS a cobbled together model… 🙂

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    • Cheers, Roger. I’m looking forward to eventually getting to my Orks and their Speed Freeks, where I’ll be going for a much more explicit “inspiration” from the Mad Max films. 😀


  6. Love it, there is a machine which has been lost in the warp for a long time and emerged looking better than ever! Like the way you’ve managed to balance the Iron Warriors elements with the Nurgleyness – it looks like it belongs to the IW whilst still being very much an engine of the Plague God.

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    • Thank you, Wudu! I’ve decided that it does need a bit more IW to it – so I’m going to add some thin hazard stripes to the edges of the running boards. And then weather them. Not so much as to be overwhelming or on the nose, but enough to tie it in a little better with the IW models as well as the IW Plaguemarines I’ve got who also wear a few hazard stripes.

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  8. If you don’t mind, I’ll like to grab one of these images for one of the examples of the next painting challenge: Sixty Days of Monsters & Machines.

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