D&D Monster Manual 15: Castle Ravenloft Kobold Sorcerer and Skirmishers

D&D Castle Ravenloft Kobold Sorcerer and Skirmishers

Very much continuing the “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” theme is this foursome of models – the Kobold contingent from the D&D Castle Ravenloft boardgame, which I purchased in the middle of 2012 and we finished playing in 2013 or perhaps early 2014. As far as miniatures go, these are pretty bad, with soft, indistinct detail. As boardgame pieces (which to be fair, they are – sharing their sculpts with the prepaints of that era), they’re …fine. Again, this is before companies like CMON drastically raised that particular bar. They’re also not a patch on the current Nolzur’s range of models. But, again, you know, duh. These kobolds obviously being of the current draconic variety, rather than the original, more canine one.

I don’t have any particular use for these little models in their odd, twisted poses. I won’t be doing any roleplaying for the foreseeable future outside of a PC, but I guess we could always resvisit Ravenloft sometime. I can’t recall if we ever actually finished Ashardalon, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t make it into The Legend of Drizzt Mary-Sue, but the models and their stats cards are cross-compatable, so maybe there?

16 thoughts on “D&D Monster Manual 15: Castle Ravenloft Kobold Sorcerer and Skirmishers

  1. These look great and the sculpts have some pretty good character even with the soft details. You might be able to throw these into a dungeon crawler like Descent if you have that kicking about.

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  2. Those are pretty nice for what they are, I think! While soft sculpts are a pain to work with, to be honest once they’re on the table (and not being close-up photographed), they look very close to all those lovely Hasslefree etc metals – but of course the painter always knows 😀

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    • Yeah, they’re perfectly decent tabletop-quality figures, especially for a boardgame or RPG. And let’s face it, even for a minis game. It’s juist that like this they’re a lot less fun as paint projects. 🙂

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