Reaper Bones 77636: Death Shroud

Reaper Bones 77636: Death Shroud

To start February off, I had big plans. The first of which was to work on some models for Alex’s Fembruary challenge. Naturally, the first thing that I did was try to clear up the painting desk just a little. In doing so, I found a little bunch of reaper Bones models that I’d based and sprayed with Shellac some time ago in order to hopefully have them cooperate with actual paint. So I painted them instead of actual femme models – to get rid of them from the table forever – you understand! This little ghosty-thing is called Death Shroud.

Reaper Bones 77636: Death Shroud

I painted one of these with Hexwraith Flame and the other with Nighthaunt Gloom – GW’s proto-Contrast paints. Unfortunately, I was not happy at all with how they turned out. Yes, even for disposable Bones models. So I repainted both of them in a scheme more reminiscent of how I’d painted my previous Bones Ghosty-types and the “official” GW scheme for their Nighthaunt faction. Which, let’s face it, looks pretty bloody good. I mean they don’t pay all those artists and graphic designers to come up with shit-looking colour schemes. Anyway, I’m actually pretty happy with how these turned out in the end.

And painted, finished, done! Next!

14 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77636: Death Shroud

  1. Love it! The transitions are nice and smooth and the colour scheme is spot on. These chaps are now also available in Bones Black. The translucent material was indeed suboptimal and did not take paint well. As it happens I just shared a haunted posts, too. Seems we got the same idea.

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    • Thanks – and I can see thes ebeing worthwhile pickups in Bones Black. These ones weren’t the translucent ones, but the regular old bones white ones. The various translucent models aren’t too bad for playing around with. Good experiment fodder for using transparent paints, contrasts and the like. – just have to satin varnish them first to have a hope of them taking the paint.. 🙂


  2. I agree with the Nighthaunt color scheme sentiment. GW has done that one so well, I haven’t seen a ton of schemes that are better than theirs. These two look good to me and should be nice in any games you can add them to 🙂

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