January 2021 – Personal Painting Round-Up

A pretty straightforward output for January – and I guess one of the more focused months I’ve had in awhile, with three “units” done, a pair of D&D models and only 2 random things. Of course as these things always seme to turn out, there’s still a few more of the Reiksgard I need to paint (well, strip, prep and then paint) and a whole bunch more of the Marines I need to do just to fill out the units represented here. naturally, I forgot to include the truck from Last Night on Earth “Betsy” in the group shot here as well.

In total – and including Betsy, I completed a total of 27 models in January. Not quite the amount for my unofficial monthly target of 1-per-day, but close enough for me to be satisfied with it, especilaly given that there’s no scatter terrain in there to bulk out the numbers and that by and even the “trashier” Bones and boardgame PVC models have reasonable paintjobs on them.

February is looking broadly similar at this stage – with a week left to go I’ve only completed 12 models – but then, it’s been uncomfortably hot, we had another COVID outbreak and (thankfully brief) snap lockdown here – which as I’m sure most of you can agree – isn’t the best for mood – especially when you’re an “essential worker” and get asked to go in even when you could do your job perfectly well remotely – and with all of that, the XBox has also been calling quite a bit this month. And last month, for that matter….