Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

The other pair of Bones models that I painted alongside the two Death Shrouds from yesterday were this pair of gargoyles. Well, I thought they were Gargoyles, anyway until writing the text for this post! Turns out, this model is something called Vorvorlaka, and is, in fact, a Vampire. I guess I can see that, in that mostrous and bestial form of vampire we sometimes see. Still, these models hardly scream “hero”-type model to me, so they’ll just be used as a pair of gargoyles in whatever RPG or boardgame or minatures game that calls for a couple of them. I also achieved the slight variation in pose by… I didn’t do anything – they’re bendy PVC models!

Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

As with the Death Shrouds, these were sprayed with Shellac primer to let paint actually adhere to them, and in this case I went over that shellac with Reaper’s own Brown Liner, and mostly painted them using Reaper’s HD paint line, which seems to play well enough with Bones material. I added a bit of flesh and purple to the wings in thin glazes as well as some very thinned green to the torsos – to add that touch of visual interest over everything just being in shades of grey. Most importantly, once again – done, done and onto the next one.

Next models will be much more interesting.



22 thoughts on “Reaper Bones 77631: Vorvorlaka

    • Thanks Dave! I’ve got a few of the more bestial Vampire models around as well. Even started on my (puke!) Finecast Varghulf finally a week or so ago. Got it assembled, now need to fix it up, greenstuff, etc.

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  1. Bones material is funny that way. I’ve painted bare over them before, usually with a ‘thicker’ paint. Thinning with a touch of water prevents that from happening. Even good primers like Vallejo, if you do a dash of water, won’t stick properly and you’ll wind up doing multiple coats.

    These guys might’ve been inspired by the old Warhammer Vampire Counts which had a monstrous line of vampires in addition to the Knight, Sorcerer, and original ones. They lead the ghouls I think. Been a minute.

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    • Yeah, I’m no fan of the original Bones material and have had models that were otherwise fine end up a sticky mess after a few weeks or months. Sadly, the stuff just can’t be trusted, so you’ve got to use so many layers of other paints and materials to hopefully get it to just accept paint and not degrade. Liquid Greenstuff is something else that works well as an undercoat for it.
      I think you’re right on the money there – I think they were the Strigoi Vampires?

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  2. These two look great and as others have said these can pass nicely as “Nosferatu” style vampires or gargoyles I would say. These are two more minis done and I’m sure it feels good to put them in your rear view mirror.

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    • Hey thanks! I’m finding that just adding a little tint of purple and/or green really adds something to models like gargoyled over just leaving them grey. Same with green and brown for actual inanimate stone scenery. 🙂

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